• June 3rd, 2020

Plus Mindsets foundation helps learners prepare for exam

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK -A non-profit organisation that helps vulnerable and struggling learners with motivational talks and educational tools hosted an examination preparation motivation talk.

The event was all about learners and educators coming together to provide solutions on how school learners can become of better value to themselves, and most importantly to the whole nation.

Talking to Youth Corner, the founder of Plus Mindsets Olivia Hamukwaya says learners need to be aware of themselves and know who they are, as this helps them study effectively for their examinations and using methods that are best suited to a particular learner. 

“The inspiration came by understanding that, school learners need a real talk from people that understand them and not willing to judge them. Our burning desire as a group (Plus Mindsets) is always to figure out how do we bridge the gap of getting people that have been there, and have the same drive to assist school learners in every corner of Namibia by sharing the stories of their life’s footprints,” explained Hamukwaya.

Under the theme “Do it once, do it well and get it over with”, Hamukwaya mentioned that schools’ examinations are approaching and all that learners need is belief and ignition.

“We want all school learners to put in effort and time in their studies and they should do it for themselves, and still have the larger nation at heart. Life is full of challenges and school learners should be prepared for this wonderful journey of life and pick themselves up when they stumble a bit,” she said.

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