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Police destroy King Kauluma explosives

2020-10-14  Obrien Simasiku

Police destroy King Kauluma explosives
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KING KAULUMA – The police explosive unit destroyed old ammunition at King Kauluma village in the Oshikoto region yesterday where the directorate of education intends to construct a school hostel. Before independence the area was an army base for the South West Africa Territorial Force (SWATF).

 “Knowing the history of this area, the directorate had to request the services of the police to de-mine the place to avoid any danger. It was indeed true, as some unexploded ammunition were discovered which will be destroyed now,” said Kandiwapa Amwele from the directorate of education. The de-mining process started in August. 
According to Amwele, the hostel will accommodate a total of 64 learners.

Meanwhile, head of department at the school Merriam Andreas told New Era on the sidelines that there are also explosives within the schoolyard, but due to limited finances they are unable to have the whole area de-mined as it is a costly exercise. It is deemed costly due to the process of scanning the ground followed by digging or excavating which require diligence and concentration.

“We are in a risk area – at one point we wanted to start a garden but just the moment we started clearing and preparing the land we realised there were explosives, not one but many. At the time a portion was de-mined and cleared, but it is small for a garden,” stressed Andreas. 
She said the school has now abandoned the garden exercise pending the availability of funds.  

2020-10-14  Obrien Simasiku

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