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Police recruits urged to protect the vulnerable

2020-11-10  Obrien Simasiku

Police recruits urged to protect the vulnerable
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OMUTHIYA – Oshikoto police commander Commissioner Armas Shivute has urged new police recruits to uphold the law, as they protect the vulnerable in the community while dealing decisively with offenders. 
Shivute said this during the deployment of 49 police cadets who recently completed their training. 

“As we release you today to your various duties, serve the community well and with pride. This power vested in you today can not be taken lightly and never to be abused. Rather protect the weak and don’t be afraid to challenge those who are strong when wrong,” stressed Shivute. 
In addition, he emphasised on unity as a requisite for winning any fight. 

Shivute also said law enforcement officers are there to protect and preserve order instead of creating disorder. He said disorder erodes the good efforts done by the force in protecting the citizens. 
“Your duty is to protect, serve with professionalism and compassion all the times. Therefore, you are given an order to work without fear or favour. I will not tolerate poor service delivery, as my office is already inundated with complaints from the public against some officers,” warned the commissioner. 

“You are police officers and not social workers. Therefore, you can not turn away people when they report abuse in their homes. You have no right to do so, as it defeats the work of the force.” 
Shivute also cautioned the new members not to be tempted by corruption, reminding them the job comes with challenges such as resistance and insults from the public and criminals even when they have the uniform on. 
“Your work etiquette should send a sign to criminals when they think of you. They should sweat and stress knowing they are new members. Give the criminals sleepless nights. They must not have peace,” he added.

2020-11-10  Obrien Simasiku

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