• July 12th, 2020

Police reservist charged over Fishrot bribery attempt appears 

Maria Amakali

WINDHOEK - A police reservist, who was arrested on Friday for allegedly attempting to bribe an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officer in an attempt to recover ATM cards belonging to two of the six suspects in the bribery fishing scandal, made his first appearance that same day in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court.
The accused, Sackaria Kuutondokwa Kokule (47), became the second man to be arrested in the bribery and obstruction of justice case on Friday.  The first suspect arrested is Jason Iyambo (35), who was detained on Monday last week.
Like Iyambo, Kokule is charged with two counts under the ACC Act of corruptly giving gratification and obstructing or defeating the course of justice. 
The two charges are read with an alternative charge of improperly influencing an authorised officer. All charges emanate from an incident that occurred on 20 January.
 It is alleged that the two men worked in cahoots in order to attain two Investec banking cards issued to former Managing Director of Investec Namibia James Hatuikulipi. 
Hatuikulipi is currently in police custody on charges of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion, in relation to the fishing bribery case.
The two men also wanted one Bank Windhoek card for Omvindi Investment CC issued out to yet another suspect in the fishing bribery case who is currently in police custody, Pius Mwatelulo.  In addition, the men required another Bank Windhoek card issued to Mwatelulo for Otuafika Logistics and a document titled ‘Total Allocation’ from the ACC.  The two men allegedly promised the investigating officer N$250 000 for the bank cards and documents.
During his appearance in court before magistrate Linus Samunzala, like Iyambo, Kokule was denied bail on grounds that investigations are currently ongoing in the matter and it would not be in the interest of the public or administration of Justice to have him released on bail, according to prosecutor Rowan van Wyk.
Although having been denied bail, Kokule defence attorney Jermaine Muchali said that they will approach the court for a formal bail hearing in order to have Kokule released on bail.
The court postponed the case to 20 February for further police investigations. 

Maria Amakali
2020-01-27 07:09:14 | 5 months ago

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