• September 30th, 2020

Poor roads hamper rural development - Ndevashiya

Hilma Nakanduungile 

The lack of proper road networks in Ohangwena region, especially in remote areas, remains a hindrance to development in rural areas but the non-existence of roads also affects the movement of residents in those areas, lamented Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Okongo NaTIS office on Friday, Ndevashiya appealed for the region’s special consideration in terms of budget allocation for road infrastructure.
“Most parts of our region are not accessible since the roads are non-existent. In most cases, our people are unable to take their produce to the buyers due to bad roads,” said Ndevashiya

He also highlighted that sandy and bumpy roads discourage some bidders to go for projects in inaccessible areas, giving an example of the commencement of Onamafila Health Centre in the Oshikunde constituency, which was delayed since there is no access road to the site.
“Despite the fact that the project was approved for some years back, it has taken longer to take off since most contractors were not prepared to take up the construction work due to the access road which is sandy,” narrated Ndevashiya.
Deputy minister of works and transport Veikko Nekundi acknowledged that roads are the enabling infrastructure of movement for goods and services, as well as human beings. He, therefore, urged regional leaders and all stakeholders to coordinate in addressing the challenge.
“We all know that there are challenges, especially resources, but we urge you to look at all these challenges and work hand-in-hand in addressing them,” encouraged Nekundi.

 He highlighted that there are ongoing projects in the region, which comprises the construction of nine gravel access roads to 10 flood-affected schools and clinics. 
Additionally, Nekundi assured the gathering that the Roads Authority (RA) will continue with routine maintenance of all the roads and the rehabilitation of boreholes in the region. Speaking at the same occasion, the CEO of RA Conrad Lutombi said despite the limited resources, they are committed to the construction of roads and shall continue to deliver within the next five years.

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2020-06-29 09:39:35 | 3 months ago


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