• June 26th, 2019
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Popya with Abraham Vincent Kamati: “Suspension, walking in rain taught me a lesson”

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Pinehas Nakaziko WINDHOEK - Columnist, youth activist, motivational speaker and a teacher by profession, Abraham Vincent Kamati, 22, says being suspended for breaking school rules at high school and having as a result walk a long distance to and from school in rain, taught him a lesson in life. “Despite that, my other challenge was my association with bad friends, some of those who were not even my age.” Kamati is a teacher at the Mwandingi Etuwata Amkongo Primary School in Onyuulaye circuit in the Oshikoto Region. He says all bad things came to an end after coaching and advise by her former Life Skills teacher, Helena Indongo. She motivated him to take his education serious and to become the best he can become. “I took her advice and the situation became well.” Kamati grew up in the village of Onandomba, in the Onyaanya Constituency. Just like other children, he looked after animals and did homestead chores. Fetching water from far taps, and sometimes drinking dirty water from the lakes since they didn’t have nearby taps could not have been a good life growing up. With all that, he was an active young boy, who liked speaking English all the time. “I was very much determined and always being inspired by teachers. I was hyperactive when I was younger, I could even challenge my seniors whenever English is involved. When I was seven-years-old, I was already able to [believe] that I was born to lead and to teach,” says Kamati. Aiming for success in his life, he has always believed that this can only come with hard work. “I have been clearly informed to work hard in every aspect of my life so that I become successful. I have always made sure that I surround myself with successful individuals.” Kamati chose teaching since he always had a passion for teaching and making a positive impact on the lives of Namibians. “I am sure it is through teaching where one will be able to touch many lives,” he said. He attended his primary education at the Engoyi Combined School from Grade 1-7. He then later moved to Uukule Senior Secondary School in Onyaanya Circuit where he attended Grade 8-12. After completing Grade 12, Kamati furthered his education at the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus in Ongwediva, in the Department of Early Childhood and Lower Primary Education, graduating last year. His achievements include being a Speaker of Students Parliament while at Unam. He has also been an active motivational speaker, having been invited to many schools in the country such as Uukule, Eengendjo, Engoyi, Etalaleko, Ozizi, Ompandakani, Otamazi and Iihenda schools. “The first profession I have entered is teaching, however, I am still looking further since life looks promising, I might even become a minister or a president one day.” One of Kamati’s proudest moments was being a student leader at Unam. “It used to be a great moment, when you know you are dealing with many people’s lives and represent them to the best of your ability.”  Currently, he is working towards becoming a national leader in one of the executive committees and to represent Namibians in Parliament. He encourages fellow young people to work hard and use their time wisely to become the best they can be. “There are so many opportunities. So take every opportunity that comes your way. Life will be beautiful. Young people should respect education. Don’t let challenges stop you from attaining your goals, no condition is permanent.”
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2018-07-04 09:30:00 11 months ago

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