• August 18th, 2019
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PowerCom to begin construction of new tower at Kuisebmond

WINDHOEK - PowerCom Pty Ltd is currently in the process of constructing a new 30m Lattice tower at Kuisebmond which will be fully commissioned by January 2019 as part of its commitment to infrastructure investment. Demand for tower space has continued to grow in Kuisebmond, as well as across Namibia. The tower infrastructure company is responding to these demands and beginning their 2019 construction schedule in Kuisebmond.  

 The company’s CEO, Alisa Amupolo, states that spearheading the company’s 2019 construction in the Erongo Region is a direct result of responding to market demands and listening to clients’ frequent requests for improved connectivity. She continues: “The construction of new towers improve coverage in areas and alleviates congestion on other towers which are emitting weaker signals due to congestion. This offers expansion opportunities not only for current clients but also for potential clients seeking tower space in the Erongo region, while the improved connectivity in various forms offered by the new tower will benefit communities and businesses.”   

 The new tower at Kuisebmond will be a 30m freestanding Lattice tower made of steel and will incorporate an existing 42sqm equipment room. The tower will contain seven sections, including the cat ladders and resting platforms. Single LED optic aircraft warning lights and other safety measures will be deployed that protect against lightning with a robust Earthing Systems Installation. All coastal towers constructed by PowerCom are protected from corrosion by the application of an anti-corrosive pure acrylic paint for steel and galvanised surfaces.  

 Amupolo adds: “The Kuisebmond tower will join the PowerCom portfolio of four towers in Walvis Bay and 22 in the wider Erongo Region. It is projected to cost around N$ 500 000 and construction is anticipated to last approximately two to three months. The tower is designed to accommodate four or more clients. Occupants ranging from mobile network providers, internet service providers, television broadcasters, radio stations as well as companies requiring the towers for self-use (e.g. aircraft monitoring, rail and security monitoring) are expected.” 

Local companies will be greatly involved with construction of the tower now that the tender has been just awarded. Stock will be partially sourced via PowerCom’s warehouses, while accessories will be sourced by contractors. The project specifications include 861kg of Supply Reinforcing Steel, concrete foundation of around 12 cubic meters, and earth rods manufactured from steel core with copper covering amongst others.  

 “Communities will derive benefits from construction of the tower through improved infrastructure and increased connectivity. It therefore marks another significant step for the Erongo Region’s infrastructure capacity,” concludes Amupolo.  
Alisa Amupolo

Staff Reporter
2018-11-20 09:58:52 8 months ago

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