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Practice makes perfect at Kally’s Music Academy

2022-08-03  Festus Hamalwa

Practice makes perfect at Kally’s Music Academy

Festus Hamalwa

Driven by the conviction that one can pursue a career in arts and contribute to the country’s economy, Laina Kally Amuulo opened Kally’s Music Academy on 1 September 2020.

Along with keeping Ongwediva’s youngsters off the streets and away from crime, substance abuse and other societal ills, the academy promotes live music in and around Ongwediva and the rest of the north by extension.

Amuulo started the academy after obtaining a Diploma in Arts Education from the College of the Arts and working for three years at the Tsumeb Arts Performance Centre as a dance and music theory teacher.

“I moved to Ongwediva in 2018 and realised there was a need for a music school in Ongwediva because there was not much happening concerning music and arts, so this was my opportunity to fulfil my dream, and I grabbed the opportunity,” she told Youth Corner.

Kally’s Music Academy provides music and art lessons through five instructors in guitar, keyboard and piano, flute, violin and marimba. 

It also teaches music theory, visual arts, drama and dance, pre-primary music education and gymnastics.

It currently has 40 students, who attend lessons from Monday to Saturday at different time slots: 09h00 to 13h00 for the youth, and 14h00 to 18h00 for school-going children.

“We hold a music concert every month at the Sam Nujoma Multi-purpose centre. We also performed during the World Music Day celebration at Etuna Guest House in Oshakati, at weddings and many meetings around Ongwediva and Oshakati,” said Amuulo proudly.

Courses usually run for six months, and certificates are awarded after a module. Amuulo explained music students engage in a variety of learning processes that may aid their school performance.

“They learn how to read music notation, develop eye-hand-mind coordination, improve their listening skills as well as develop team skills and dedication to practise, as ‘practice makes perfect’,” she said.

Etuhole Awene (10) told Youth Corner she is happy to be part of this music academy because she is learning new things regarding arts.

“I am grateful for this music academy. Our teachers are the best because they are always committed to teaching us how to sing and dance,” she said.

Daniel Nuyoma (5) said the academy is the best place for him, and he is grateful to his parents for bringing him there.

Loini Iiyambo, whose daughter is enrolled at Kally’s, said they do not have many after-school activities in the north for their children.

“My daughter is now doing very well at the music academy, and I am seeing much improvement in her singing skills,” she said. To know more about the academy, visit them at the Sam Nujoma Multipurpose Centre in Ongwediva or e-mail them at


2022-08-03  Festus Hamalwa

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