• June 17th, 2019
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Pregnancy high among learners in Omusati - Shapange


Nuusita Ashipala Epoko-Education Director in Omusati Region, Laban Shapange, has chided teachers involved in intimate relationships with learners and accused teachers of being equally responsible for the pregnancies of 400 learners in the region last year. Shapange said it is embarrassing to note that some of these learners are as young as Grade Five children. As if that is not enough, Shapange said the region is also investigating another matter in which a teacher is accused of impregnating a learner at one of the schools in the region. “Teachers leave the learners alone. Why are you going to the learners?  You have female colleagues in the staff rooms, approach them and propose to them. “Some of you (male teachers) are not presentable and because you are afraid of being rejected by your colleagues you turn to the learners. Shame on you. Go to your fellow teachers,” said Shapange Shapange made the remarks at a patronage inaugural ceremony at Epoko Combined School in Okalongo Circuit in Omusati Region on Friday. Shapange also shamed parents who sell alcohol to learners and cry foul that the learners are drinking. “I do not have a problem with learners drinking, I only have a problem with a child in school owning a cuca-shop.  The problem here are the parents, the owners of the cuca-shops who are selling alcohol to our learners,” said Shapange. Shapange further encouraged the learners to desist from taking money in exchange for sexual bribes from the teachers. “Don’t accept their N$20, report them,” said Shapange. In the same vein, the education director also appealed to the parents to minimise time spent at the cuca-shop and support learners while writing their final examinations. He motivated the learners to remain focused and disciplined and to stay away from bad habits including the cuca-shops. He further motivated lazy learners to stop hiding behind children’s rights, as provided by the constitution, saying that there is no right without responsibility.
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2017-10-03 09:29:18 1 years ago

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