• August 9th, 2020

Private property ownership unlocking opportunities in Oranjemund

WINDHOEK - Namdeb, together with the Oranjemund Town Council (OTC), held a title deed signing ceremony to mark the sale of the first ever private properties transfers in Oranjemund yesterday. This historic event will see residents of the town and the wider Namibian community owning property in the town that previously belonged to the mine.

In the past, most properties in Oranjemund were owned by Namdeb and this milestone allows residents to purchase property which was previously leased from the diamond company. With the proclamation of Oranjemund as an open town in 2012, Namdeb embarked on a journey to normalise the town in terms of property ownership and provision of municipal services. 

In addition, Namdeb, the OTC and other stakeholders also started to look at options to diversify the economy of the town to ensure that Oranjemund is sustainable.  

Speaking at the signing ceremony yesterday morning, Namdeb CEO Riaan Burger said he was excited about this event and that they had been working hard together with the town council to ensure this milestone is realised. 

Burger said the private ownership of property in Oranjemund is a key component to the future success of the town, adding: “When stakeholders such as Namdeb, the OTC and the Oranjemund community work together, we have the ability to exploit these opportunities and create economic growth and prosperity.”  
He said that economic diversification can only be achieved if you have people owning houses and a place to call home.   

Also speaking at the same event, Oranjemund Mayor Henry Coetzee said that Oranjemund is irreversibly on its way to normalisation and a dream come true. He was delighted that after many meetings and hard work by several stakeholders, private ownership of property is now a reality in the town. 

Coetzee added that as a resident of the town, “today’s event marks another milestone since the town’s official opening to the general public in October 2017.  This event is a very significant one in the history of Oranjemund because it helps the town to generate much-needed interest.” 

“I believe this is the beginning of more and exciting developments to come. Let’s continue to build confidence in our local economy and the future of our town,” Coetzee added.   

Namdeb’s properties currently include 1 037 houses, 42 commercial buildings and 20 general residential complexes and offices. In support of creating a positive legacy in the community, the company’s objective is to avail most of these properties for private home ownership to its employees, town residents and the general public. Namdeb will only retain properties that support its operational requirements.

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