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Proud Namibian campaign launched

2018-09-19  Staff Reporter

Proud Namibian campaign launched

KAMANJAB – The Governor of Kunene region, Marius Sheya last Saturday launched the ‘I am a proud Namibian’ campaign at Daniel Okamaru Hall at the village of Kamanjab in his region. 

The campaign which is the governor’s initiative has the blessing of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Kunene Regional Council.

The campaign will expound on the dangers of tribalism in the Kunene region and according to Sheya, residents of the region must know that we are all Namibians regardless of our ethnic background.

The reason Kamanjab was chosen for the launch was due to the idea being conceived at the village during governor’s visit to the constituency in February. “The way that the people talk disturbed me and I decided to start a campaign to unite them,” Sheya said.

The ‘I am a proud Namibian’ campaign is aimed at school-going children to influence them on the importance of identifying themselves as Namibians first.

Youths were also told by Sheya that the time will come for them to be elders and there was only one Namibia. “What we give Namibia, it will also give us back. Innovate things that people can use as the country is begging for innovative thinkers,” Sheya said.

Jaco Burger, a white farmer called on attendants at the launch in Khoekhoe-gowab to stop tribalism and racism. Burger said he grew up with Khoekhoe-gowab speaking Bertha Soroses at the farm Kauas outside Kamanjab. Burger who also speaks Otjiherero, German, and Afrikaans told delegates lightheartedly that if one wanted to endear himself to the OvaHerero, one has to talk to them about cattle and about rain because the OvaHerero love their livestock.
Burger urged delegates to desist from all forms of tribalism and even racism.

Sheya praised Burger for being a good example as he is fluent in so many Namibian languages.
The governor said the anti-tribalism campaign deal with the social fiber of the community and it is not a one-day event. “Go and think about it, talk about it and once it’s done we will be united,” Sheya said. Headman of Ovatjimba Traditional Community, Daniel Tjiveze said the campaign against tribalism is very important for Kamanjab residents. The launch was attended by more than 300 people. 

Outjo mayor Samuel !Oe-amseb, Khorixas mayor Elizabeth Geises, Kamanjab village deputy chairperson Ricardo Mbahee, Kamanjab councillor Priska Mutrifa, Kunene regional education director Annalize Jantze and chairperson of Kunene regional council Klavius Kaujova were in attendance.  
The event was graced by Damara and Aawambo dancers who entertained.

2018-09-19  Staff Reporter

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