• July 2nd, 2020

Rebellious Oukwanyama group resurfaces

ONGWEDIVA - A group of disgruntled people from seven districts overseen by the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority wants Ohamba Martha Christian Nelumbu of Oukwanyama to be removed within the next 30 days.
Nelumbu – whom the group accuses of being unfit to rule and unite her subjects - must also cease all activities within the concerned traditional authority, the group demanded.

“We, Ovakwanyama people in Oukwanyama community, found it fit that Meekulu Martha Nelumbu be removed from office within 30 days upon receiving the petition. We are further demanding that all Oukwanyama Traditional Authority activities to be suspended until such a time the government, in conjunction with the community, appoints a temporary leadership,” their petition read.

The group further called for seven advisors and traditional councillors of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority to be removed. Amongst those wanted gone is chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority George Nelulu.
In a lengthy petition directed to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga, the group accused Nelumbu to be unfit to lead, unite and maintain peace among the Ovakwanyama.

The Governor of Ohangwena Region Usko Nghaamwa received the petition. It is however only signed from Okongo, Ohakafiya and Ohaingu districts.

The group charged that they have lost confidence in the current leadership and vowed not to render any cooperation to the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority until such a time their demands are met.

It accuses the Oukwanyama leadership of dismissing traditional councillors in Ohaingu, Okelemba and Ohakafiya and replacing them with those in favour of Nelumbu.

Nelulu said the leadership was not ready to comment, but assured that it will comment at a later stage.
In addition to the several letters written to various offices in the past, the concerned group was at the end of 2017 ordered to pay legal costs of N$75 000 when the matter was taken to court.

They were further interdicted by the High Court against appointing village headmen, printing stamps or any other official documents or to act on behalf of the traditional authority.

The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, through its lawyer Silas Kishi Shakumu, at the start of last year told a media briefing that the group could be charged with contempt of court for defying the interdiction court order.
He further said the group could also be criminally charged for continuing to hold meeting.
The group is alleged to have continued to convey illegal meetings after the interdict.

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