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Rehoboth cop opens defamation case

2021-06-09  Loide Jason

Rehoboth cop opens defamation case

A police officer, stationed at Rehoboth, who is being investigated for allegedly threatening to rape and murder several victims on social media, has filed a case of defamation of character against two women.

The Namibian police have confirmed last month that Patrick Desmond Koopman was being investigated internally after about five women filed cases of assault through threatening.

It is reported the officer responded to advertisements on Facebook that offer earrings, handbags as well as body massages. 

He reportedly exchanged mobile numbers with the advertisers and then approached them for sex. 

The alleged victims do not want to be named.

Five different women were recently threatened with rape and murder by the suspected police officer, who pretended to be interested in buying advertised goods
but has ulterior intentions. 

One of the victims arranged for the exchanging of products and money face-to-face to enable the suspect to choose his preferred items.

However, the 35-year-old officer also took a decision to open a case against those who allegedly defamed his character through
the media when New Era reported the
matter last month. 

The case number registered at the Windhoek police station is CR 169/05/2021.

In a statement seen by New Era, the officer indicated he has a good friendship with one of the victims who opened a case against him and never threatened to kill nor has he insulted them.

“I never threatened anyone for sex or made any sexual advances on anyone. I am and was in a stable relationship for the past year.  This whole development tarnishes my reputation as a respected and hardworking police officer in Rehoboth,” read the statement. One of the alleged victims earlier told New Era that the suspect allegedly threatened to kill and rape her if she refuses him sex.  Text messages seen by New Era showed the police officer was demanding sex from the victim and telling her that he will kill her if she did not meet with him. 

“I will bring you to a place you will not know. I will rape and kill you. No one will find me. The earlier you will give me sex, the better. Then I can just kill you,” read one
of the texts in a barrage of messages sent to one of the victims.

He swears at the women, threatens them and says no one will be able to unmask him and he will “play with your mind”. 

A victim opened a case of assault and threatening at the Klein Windhoek police station. Another victim said that the suspect later resorted to downloading women’s photos, stalking them, meeting them, violating them and threatening the lives of those who dare expose or go to the police to report him.

The victim said although they have reported the suspect to the police and a case was opened, the police were not helpful. 

“We are putting these out there so we can all know and keep an eye out for this psychopath. So far, five women have come out about experiencing the same thing with this person but some are afraid to go to the police because he is one of them,” said the victim.


2021-06-09  Loide Jason

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