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Rehoboth expo set to thrill ... close to 400 livestock to ‘graze’ event

2021-04-20  Charles Tjatindi

Rehoboth expo set to thrill ... close to 400 livestock to ‘graze’ event

All roads will lead to Rehoboth this weekend for the annual Rehoboth Community Trust expo. The event brings together renowned livestock breeders of both small and large stock for a classic showcase.

 The two-day event starts on Friday 23 April and ends on Saturday 24 April 2021.

 Speaking to AgriToday, chairman of the trust Ronald Kubas said the expo is a platform for the community to interact in activities that build their local economy, while showcasing the different products the different SMEs in Rehoboth have to offer.

 He said seeing that Rehoboth has an agricultural background, the expo›s agricultural component is vital in enabling breeders to showcase their products.

 "The show brings people with different expertise together to share knowledge and lessons learnt, and is therefore vital in the agriculture sector," Kubas said.

  The expo is expected to attract 300 small stock, consisting of mainly Boergoat and Kalahari Reds goats, while sheep producers will be bringing the Van Rooy, and Meatmaster breeds amongst others.

  The show was first held in 2017, and has been held every year after that with the exception of 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  A total of 45 cattle have been registered to take part in the agricultural part of the expo, and will be featuring popular breeds such as the Brahman, and Simbra, amongst others. 

 Lovers of the Simbra breed, which is highly rated by many breeders for its milk yield and beef quality, will have an opportunity to come up close and personal with the breed.

"The expo was born from the idea of bringing the community together while promoting trade opportunities and networking opportunities for SMEs, thus providing an event where they can showcase their products,” Kubas said.

 Kubas stressed the SME component of the expo, reiterating that the overarching idea is to gather and interact socially at the expo with various entertainment activities taking place, such as music, a gala dinner taking place tomorrow night, horse racing and volleyball.

  The expo benefits the Rehoboth community largely through many people who flock to the town during the duration of the show to witness the event. Many book themselves into accommodation establishments in the town, and also spend freely on the local economy.

 Breeders from across the country - especially the Omaheke and //Kharas regions, which have been prominent in small stock production - will also be present at the event.

 The expo will round off with a small stock auction on the last day.

2021-04-20  Charles Tjatindi

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