• October 21st, 2020

Relatives hint at more Havana graves … appeal to delay housing project over unidentified gravesites

Relatives of the late Amalia /Hones, who died in 1963 and buried at farm 508, part of the Havana informal settlement, have requested the City of Windhoek to put the relocation process on hold while they investigate the burial site. 
They suspect /Hones is not the only one buried in the area. They are, thus, appealing to the city to consider allowing them more time to carry out an investigation. 
The relatives believe /Hones’ grave was only visible because she worked for a very rich farmer at the time. 
Hermann Honeb, who is also the Henties Bay mayor, said they have established a committee that would conduct all possible investigations to determine the exact number of unmarked graves belonging to members of their clan in the area. 

Honeb, who is a great-great grandchild of the deceased, further suspects there is a borehole in the area. 
“However, we have a committee in place that is dealing with the whole matter; I am sure the findings will be shared as soon as the investigations are concluded,” he said. 

Chief of the /Khomanin Traditional Authority Juliana Gawanas, who is also a great-great grandchild of the late /Hones, said all her children have passed on; however, her direct descendants were still alive. 
“It is a historically proven fact that as the grave of our late King Metusalag Gaob Xamseb, who is buried at the current Botanic Gardens in Klein Windhoek; our late Ouma Amalia /Hones, who is buried in Havana informal settlement, many other graves are in  /Khomas Hochland where the /Khomanin traditional tribe resides and live in Windhoek and surrounding areas,” she said. 

She further stated the /Khomanin Traditional Authority, together with the family, will consult with the city’s mayor on the way forward. 
Approached for comment, Windhoek mayor Fransina Kahungu said she is grateful the relatives of the late /Hones came forward, adding the city officials are prepared to listen to the family. 
The city is planning to resettle a number of residents from the Havana market area at the farm in question while they construct a formal open market for traders there.
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Loide Jason
2020-09-24 09:30:52 | 27 days ago

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