• November 25th, 2020

Remains of missing pensioner found in river

NDIYONA – Police said the body, which was found in the Okavango River on Friday, belongs to a 63-year-old pensioner who went missing last week Wednesday. 

According to the police, human remains were strewn around and floating in the river. The police suspect she was eaten by a crocodile. 
The victim was reported missing on Wednesday after she had gone to the river to fetch water. During a search, the police discovered the body parts floating in the river at Shitemo in Kavango East. 

“It is suspected that the deceased died as a result of an attack by a crocodile that ate the missing parts. 
The body was identified by a family member. 
It is also suspected that the deceased died on Wednesday when she was last seen going to fetch water, but was only found on Friday,” said Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu. 

Many villagers in the two regions still depend on water from the river to bath as well as for other household use because they have no access to potable water. 
Just last week, a six-year-old boy almost lost his life when he was attacked by a wild hippopotamus along the banks of the Okavango River at Siya in Kapako constituency while he was swimming with friends in the area.
– jmuyamba@nepc.com.na 

John Muyamba
2020-11-10 06:39:48 | 15 days ago

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