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Rename Kasheshe Combined School

2023-09-29  Correspondent

Rename Kasheshe Combined School

Collen Kurana

Life is a continuous journey that is worth embracing, and more so when we recognise the efforts of our own people in society. 

Across the globe, there are people who have done and continue to do extraordinary work in society. 

These include war heroes and modern-day heroes, who have changed the status quo ante bellum. 

Since independence, Namibia has been making strides in ensuring its heritage is well reflected and preserved. 

Streets, regions and important sites have been renamed to appropriately recognise and preserve the history and cultural experiences of the people. This has been done for the preservation of the country’s heritage for generations.

 The Kasheshe Combined School is in the Sibbinda constituency of the Zambezi region. The school is along the Trans-Caprivi Highway, about 30 kilometres west of Katima Mulilo. 

It was established in 1964 during the apartheid South African regime. 

Since Namibia gained independence in 1990, the school has undergone a transformation from a traditionally thatched and mud-built school to a modern, structurally built school with a healthcare centre.

In consultation with community members and stakeholders, the Kasheshe Combined School needs to be renamed to the Honourable Doreen Sioka Combined School.

For all intents and purposes, the fundamental reason for renaming the school is located in the history of the Kasheshe area. 

She hails from the Kasheshe area.

 Sioka is one of Namibia’s liberation struggle stalwarts. Namibian history correctly records that she went into exile at a younger age. This was shortly after apartheid soldiers stormed into her village at Kasheshe. 

In exile, she participated actively in Namibia’s liberation struggle. Moreover, after independence, she has continued to contribute immensely to the socioeconomic development of the country. 

More so, she has been advocating for equal rights between men and women and the protection of women and children in Namibia. 

Hon. Sioka is a hero and a beacon of hope for many Namibians and the people of Kasheshe. 

Her extraordinary contribution should therefore call for Kasheshe community members to rename the Kasheshe Combined School to Hon. 

Doreen Sioka Combined School. 

This act of benevolence will ensure the legacy of our very own people continues to be preserved and acknowledged properly. 

We should embrace the culture of continuously honouring our extraordinary citizens while they are still alive so they can feel their work is valued and appreciated. In short, Kasheshe Combined School needs to be renamed to Hon. Doreen Sioka Combined School to appropriately reflect and preserve its historic legacy for generations.


*Collen Kurana is a DPhil student in Peace Studies at DUT.

2023-09-29  Correspondent

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