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Respect self, listeners- DJ Sebby

2018-11-02  Staff Report 2

Respect self, listeners- DJ Sebby
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 Clemans Miyanicwe

For DJ Sebby, real name Seblon Andreas, success in radio comes with respect oneself as a presenter, and one’s listeners. 
“We must learn to respect one another by not name calling others on air. Avoid bad words and insults or otherwise you can be cut off air, which must be a lesson to the unruly caller and others out there listening,” advises DJ Sebby.  Respect is important because it help us to communicate effectively continues the 70kg presenter. “I have love and enthusiasm to work for the nation as a radio presenter. To be a good radio presenter, you need to respect yourself as well as your listeners and make jokes with them and make them feel that they are part of the programme. You have to engage them,” he emphasises. 
DJ Sebby makes a living from radio and says financial benefits are rewarding thus encouraging future presenters to be humble and respectful towards heir listeners. The 28-year-old from Oneputa village in the Oshikoto Region grew up at Ohalushu village in the Ohangwena Region. Currently he hosts the Eye Opener with Maggy during weekdays, and Breakfast show on Saturdays on Shipi FM. One of the proudest moments is his grandmother listening to him. “I use to share the radio with my grandmother when I was growing up. Now she is listening to me,” he says fulfilled. 

“I respect elders and take their advice seriously. It’s because of them that I am where I am today,” the youthful presenter says with humility. DJ Sebby joined Shipi FM in 2016, sharpening his presentation skills with training from DW Academy along the way, and by in-house training. Shipi FM is one of the fast growing indigenous radio stations, aiming at empowering the nation through job creation, fighting poverty and promoting businesses, according to the young man. DJ Sebby says DJ Maldini, DJ Reminder and DJ Kapapu Jysen inspire him.

His grandmother raised him when his father passed away when he was 18 while his mother was in Windhoek. Like any other northern boy of the time, he used to look after cattle in the village, and fetch water, which he says were no easy chores. “I received no love from my parents but my grandmother (Kaludingo) family managed to pay my school fees,” DJ Sebby says.
 “Making blunders is part of human error. I always accept my mistakes, correct them and I apologise to the listeners.” He djays in his free time at local events and was featured by local musicians like D Square, King Mex and Kinzo. “I am intelligent and hard working person who fully respect my teachers and fellow learners. That is something I carry with me until today,” DJ Sebby says.

Despite the fame bug having bitten him, DJ Sebby says his still a humble person. “It’s not easy to receive proposals and dozens of comments via inbox on social from different girls. It’s tempting but I ignore it,” says DJ Sebby who receives about 80 friend request per day. You can listen to DJ Sebby via, on GOTV on channel 313, and the frequency is 103.6 FM for those who are in northern Namibia.

2018-11-02  Staff Report 2

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