• June 5th, 2020

Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia to host 13th annual conference

WINDHOEK – The Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia (RFIN) hosted its 13th Annual Conference teaser event which allowed stakeholders, sponsors, speakers and members of the public to get an idea of what to expect on September 25th and 26th, 2019. At the same event, the theme “Our retirement, our responsibility” was introduced with its new logo.  

At the said event, RFIN chairperson Sabrina Jacobs expressed her excitement for its 13th event and promised to deliver thought provoking and valuable lessons to be learnt through its various speakers. The main objective of the conference is to provide financial education that will boost the knowledge, shape the future of the industry and the economy. 

“RFIN is much honoured to play this role with the support of all esteemed stakeholders. Researched subjects in relation to pension fund savings and the national economy such as retirement funding; economic climate, stimulation and crisis management; fiscal adjustment process; skills development; job creation opportunities and the impact of domestic asset requirements will be shared at said conference,” she noted. 

She further stressed the importance of stakeholders playing their part in the respective industry and applauded sponsors and speakers who have confirmed to share their knowledge at the conference. She thanked Namibia Savings and Investment Association (NaSIA) for being one of the first to come on board as a sponsor. 

In absentia, Chief Executive Officer Sybil Somaes congratulated RFIN for hosting such events. “These events are critical in our industry, as they allow significant role players to convene at one platform to share, discuss and also debate challenges that we face as a whole. Therefore, we immediately said yes and we look forward to the fruitful discussions that will take place,” she added.  

Various topics will be discussed at this year’s conference and experts in the relevant industries have been identified to share their insights and knowledge. Highlighting a few, this year’s conference seeks to share and create dialogue regarding the role of NEEEF in transformation and skills development in the financial services sector, rethinking retirement planning, funding real sector developments to grow the economy and create jobs, responsible investing, retirement Funds Legislative reform, the impact of the Domestic Asset Requirement, financial sector crisis management and Innovation to develop the capital market. 

During the conference, research papers will be unpacked to base discussions around statistics and allow participants to challenge and debate around critical issues pertaining the industry.  

Members of the public are invited to attend, including pension funds trustees, pension fund service providers such as administrators, asset managers, investment. This conference intends to benefit consultants, actuaries and auditors, but also benefit businesspersons as well as regulators amongst others. 

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2019-08-21 07:39:34 | 9 months ago

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