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Revelation of My Namibia song competition winner in limbo

2019-11-29  Staff Reporter

Revelation of My Namibia song competition winner in limbo

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- A representative serving on the committee of the My Namibia Song competition, Frans Nghitila revealed to Entertainment Now! that the understanding on the announcement of the My Namibia song will be done before the end of the current government.

Nghitila was answering to questions posted by Entertainment Now! on when the winning song will be declared since the competition ended in early July this year.

“There was no strict deadline or initial deadline because when producing a song and releasing a song catches several areas there are technical issues that need to be addressed. Which means we have to attend to those issues before the final announcement is made,” Nghitila stated.

He said these were some of the reasons why they have been taking longer to reveal the winning song. “When launching something, you look at the selling point, you choose specific events or dates that coincide with the purpose of what you are aiming to achieve throughout, we are not yet there but we are almost there,” said Nghitila.

He further revealed that the response from the public on choosing the song they preferred was overwhelming.

At the launch in June this year, Minister of Information Communication Technology Stanley Simataa stated the song is one that will instil national pride in Namibians. Both songs were put in the public domain to allow fanatics to decide, through voting, on their preferred choice of song that they best resonate with.
He additionally said the winning song will be declared as such and will be complementing the national anthem. “It can’t compete with the national anthem, the national anthem is supreme, therefore it will complement it,” said Simataa.

The ICT ministry, as the custodian of the national pride campaign, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, was tasked by the government to spearhead, coordinate and organise a competition for a national song titled ‘My Namibia’. 

Artists who rendered their voices on the songs include Sunny Boy, Femalo, Anne Singer, Adora, Ras Sheehama, Erna Chimu, Oteya, Bertholdt, Promise, Lady May Afrika, Desmond, D-Naff, Jericho, Big Ben and many others.


2019-11-29  Staff Reporter

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