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Rudi Louw Bootcamp - 20 minutes a day

2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

Rudi Louw Bootcamp - 20 minutes a day
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So, the third wave is upon us – and the virus has infected a lot of people. With the set regulations in place, we also had to close for a while. This does not mean you have to stop keeping fit and healthy; it is actually the right time to maintain your routine.

It is long been proven that a healthy body equals a healthy mind – and in this uncertainty, a healthy body and a healthy mind are very important in staying safe. 

With exercise, your brain also releases feel-good chemicals. 

This, in turn, makes you feel more positive. Other than the mental effects Covid-19 has proven to have on us, exercising regularly will put your body in a state to fight this virus, should you contract it, while also strengthening vital organs such as your lungs for increased capacity and a higher level of oxygen in your blood.

Look after your body today so it can look after you when you are old.

I leave you with this illustration herein for you to try out in the comfort of your home. Try and run or walk for 20 minutes a day; it will do wonders for you.

See you soon. You can also join our boot camp by simply contacting us on our Facebook page @Rudi Louw’s Boot Camp. We focus on physical training, fitness and weight loss. The course is designed for cardiovascular and strength training routines through instructor-led exercises.

2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

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