• October 26th, 2020

Rukoro appeals for Commando donations

Ovaherero Paramount Chief Vekuii Rukoro has called on his subjects and sympathisers to come forward and donate whatever they can towards the renovation of the official residence of the Ovaherero paramount chief. 
The building is divided into ten offices, conference rooms, a reception area, a kitchen and toilets, along with sleeping quarters. 
The house is situated in the heart of Katutura.

 “I call upon all the Ovaherero people in Namibia and in the diaspora to generously support this national project, to demonstrate to the world that, indeed, we can rely on our own resources as a proud and dignified people,” Rukoro appealed in a letter on Tuesday.

Rukoro said the idea is to invite his subjects, sympathisers and supporters to visit the house and select which rooms they would want to sponsor and at what cost.
“People can do that as individuals or as groups, family and then the room will be named in honour of a person of their choice. 
[To those abroad] virtual viewing can be arranged or video clips can be sent upon request,” he said.
He said sponsorship will be extended to both the renovation of the building as well as various office equipment, such as desks, chairs, computers and printers.

Staff Reporter
2020-10-15 07:45:06 | 10 days ago

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