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Rundu businessman kills suspected robber

2018-09-05  John Muyamba

Rundu businessman kills suspected robber

RUNDU - A man is recovering in the Rundu Intermediate Hospital from several stab wounds after surviving a knife attack which inflicted deep wounds on the right side of his chest, below the left armpit and on both hands. He was stabbed while he fought off a gang of knife-wielding thugs.

The victim turned murder suspect almost lost a finger in the knife attack.
He is currently being guarded by the police as he has to appear in court as soon as he is discharged from  hospital as he is suspected of  stabbing to death one of the three attempted robbers, who wanted to get his cash suitcase which he carried around to restock two tuck shops he owns.

“They wanted to steal my briefcase in which I was carrying my money – they were three,” said the patient who is a suspect in the murder of an alleged thief.

The name of the suspect cannot be revealed as he is yet to be charged and appear before a court of law once he recuperates.

“I was in town on Friday morning to do shopping at Metro wholesaler and I came across three robbers – they grabbed my bag. One of them jumped into a taxi but the driver didn’t drive away.  I asked the robber where was he taking my bag and I tried to get it but the guy took out a knife and stabbed me. I was there losing blood and the others also came. I tried to defend myself and we fell down together, His two people took the knife and they continued to stab me and no one was helping me and all I can only remember is I was brought to the hospital,” narrated the survivor who is reported to be in a stable condition in Rundu hospital.

“The incident happened on Friday at around 11h00 at the Portuguese gambling house in town. The suspect used an okapi knife and stabbed the deceased who later died in Rundu hospital,” confirmed Detective Chief Inspector Ewald Kavara of the Rundu police.

In a separate incident on Monday afternoon at 17h00 at Sikanduko, also referred to as Sun City location, in Rundu, Kavango East, a man reportedly stabbed another man whom he found in a drunken stupor on his premises. The drunk died on the spot.

The deceased is yet to be identified but the suspect who is said to be 56 years of age was arrested on Monday. Police investigations continue and a case of murder was opened.

2018-09-05  John Muyamba

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