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SADC PF adopts motion on BRICS cooperation

2023-12-18  Correspondent

SADC PF adopts motion on BRICS cooperation

Moses Magadza 


PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS - The 54th Plenary Assembly Session of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) recently adopted a motion on cooperation between SADC and BRICS, a group of major emerging economies including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 

The Speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia, Professor Peter Katjavivi, tabled the motion when the Plenary convened in Port Louis, Mauritius at the end of November, with the Speaker of the Parliament of Lesotho Tlohang Sekhamane seconding it, and highlighting the importance of regional collaboration.

Katjavivi hailed the government of South Africa for successfully hosting the 15th BRICS Summit, and the 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum. The motion underlined key resolutions from these events, emphasising areas of partnership between BRICS and Africa. These included a just transition, education and skills development, unlocking opportunities through the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and strengthening post-pandemic socio-economic recovery.

Katjavivi noted: “The commitment of BRICS member states is to promote inclusive multilateralism and upholding international law in a world where sovereign states cooperate to maintain peace and security, advance sustainable development, ensuring the promotion and protection of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, and promote cooperation based on the spirit of solidarity, mutual respect, justice and equality”.

The motion acknowledged BRICS member states’ commitment to supporting the African Union’s Agenda 2063, particularly in the effective implementation of AfCFTA. It also recognised the potential of AfCFTA in aligning with the development goals of the SADC region.

Katjavivi reiterated the observation made in the 15th BRICS Summit Declaration, “that AFCTA is set to create a predictable environment for investments, particularly in infrastructure development, and to promote opportunities for synergies with partners for cooperation, trade and development on the African continent”. 

He acknowledged the potential that AFCTA represents for the integration and development aspirations of the SADC region as envisaged in the SADC regional indicative strategic development plan 2020 and 2030, and SADC Vision 2050.

The Speaker welcomed ongoing efforts by members of the BRICS parliamentary forum to strengthen BRICS parliamentary exchanges and inter-parliamentary dialogue to deepen parliamentary diplomacy. 

In that connection, he enjoined the Plenary to urge SADC Member States “to actively explore collaboration opportunities within BRICS Member States and institutions, including the new BRICS development bank, toward the realisation of the development aspirations of SADC and 2020-23 and SADC Vision 2050, and facilitate the acceleration of the implementation of AFCTA”.

Furthermore, Katjavivi’s motion urged SADC PF to deliberate on enhancing relations between BRICS and SADC at the executive and parliamentary levels in furtherance of South-South cooperation and inclusive multilateralism, among other things.

In seconding the motion, Sekhamane emphasised the pivotal role BRICS plays for SADC countries, fostering economic cooperation, technological exchange and developmental support. The anticipated benefits include new business opportunities, economic growth and job-creation in the Southern region.

Sekhamane said: “These alliances foster mutual dialogue, knowledge-sharing and collaborative efforts, strengthening economic ties and bolstering regional integration. Additionally, the Africa Partnership for Accelerated Implementation for the Africa Free Trade Agreement enhances the potential for extended trade and economic collaboration, paving the way for sustainable development and inclusive growth across SADC Member States”.

The 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum’s theme was “Harnessing Inclusive Multilateralism and Parliamentary Democracy”.

The outcomes of the 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum were deemed transformative and aligned with the vision of a future characterised by peace, equality and sustainable prosperity.

The motion was subsequently adopted by the 54th Plenary Assembly, marking a significant step towards enhancing collaboration, multilateralism and parliamentary diplomacy between SADC and BRICS. 

Katjavivi expressed gratitude for the support, emphasising the historical context of South-South cooperation, and its role in striving for equality, peace and stability.


* Moses Magadza is a freelance journalist.

2023-12-18  Correspondent

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