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Saggy boobs

2022-07-22  Frieda Mukufa

Saggy boobs

 I think I should just call my column ‘Taxi Chronicles with Frieda’ because the many times I have come across conversations on women from men in taxis is beyond me at this point. 

So, this week, while driving with an old man as the cab driver, we stop, and he sees a girl standing on the sidewalk with a guy, whose hairstyle I thought was weird. 

We both laughed until the man made a comment that left me angry and ‘naar’ at the same time. He said: “Og, sy is klein maar haar borste hang al klaar so. Hulle begin baie vroeg”. To those who don’t understand, he said “she is young but her boobs are already hanging because she started early”. I will say this once, and I hope I won’t have to ever repeat myself. Nothing about how a woman’s body looks equates her to being a hoe, whore or slut. Honestly, bro, we are in 2022! Even when I am a hoe, what now? I hope you sleep less thinking about that. 

Anyways, moving on to today’s topic – saggy boobs. For most women, saggy breasts are an embarrassing secret. 

A lot of us will go to great lengths to hide them – from buying push-up bras from Edgars to boob tape from China Town. 

And believe me ladies, I understand that there are two sides to it: that you are embracing your femininity because sometimes boobs in a push-up bra give you the extra kick to feeling sexy, as well as that it is definitely a result of insecurities built up because of the societal norms that saggy boobs aren’t attractive to look at. To make matters worse, every magazine that shows women doesn’t really display the reality on the ground – and as such, it is understandable to feel shame that women with full, perky breasts, often without even wearing a bra, are what we constantly see and get compared to. Now, ladies, breast sagging happens because of different reasons – the most common being having given birth. 

To the women who are and/or have become insecure about their boobs after giving birth, I want you to understand and know that breast sagging is totally natural, and it is nothing to be afraid of.If anything, a bit of droopiness just serves as a reminder of how awesome your body is because it nurtured your child from conception to birth and beyond. 

Another reason is weight loss. With this, the breast tissue has a lot of fat content, and the contour of the breast changes when there is a rapid drop in weight. 

The excess skin sags, and the perkiness of your breast is lost. In this case, breasts sag due to the loss of collagen in your body, or when you hit menopause. 

It’s all a play of hormones here, and it is completely normal, ladies. It has nothing to do with the many men or women you have slept with. So, do not panic at all. With that said, the insecurity fostered in society over sagging skin can cause diffidence when it comes to sex and sexiness. 

Because of this reality that women often find themselves in, being ridiculed lowers their confidence and self-esteem, which indirectly makes them feel less sexy, which shouldn’t be the case, because have you seen saggy breasts jiggle and flail delightfully during vigorous sex? A work of art, I tell you. Truly! So, embrace them and live your life to the fullest without letting the outside world impose their expectations of a perfect body on you. 

You only have this one body to make the most of; offer it all the love and sexual liberation that you would wish for others you care about, and don’t waste it on worrying about what men think about your gorgeous boobs. They are beautiful! 

So, that cute dress and loose top you bought that have been collecting dust at the back of your closet, wear it hunnay! 

Wear it and go live your best baddie life. Sure, the confidence won’t be an instant thing, but with time, it’ll come. Let them titties loose, baby!

* Frieda Mukufa’s lifestyle section concentrates on women-related issues and parenting every Friday in the New Era newspaper. She also specialises in editing research proposals, proofreading as well as content creation.


2022-07-22  Frieda Mukufa

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