• February 20th, 2020

Sally ‘Boss Madam’ redefining music 

WINDHOEK – While some artistes rush to release their albums just in time to meet the deadline for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) each year, Sally Boss Madam drops a single or two to keep her fans happy and in the loop with her newest sounds. 

She explained to Entertainment Now! that the demand for her music is very high, especially now that she is not just focusing on the local market.

“A rushed album, I would say, is not always a good idea. It might not sound the way you wanted or have the quality you would like. So, taking time to perfect your art has better results. Singles in a way are easier to complete and manage, but they need to lead to a body of work,” she pointed out.

The thought of an artiste working on releasing singles instead of an entire album was not taken seriously a decade ago, but it is now a strategy that countless artistes are adopting. 

The Afro-fusion singer and performer believes that this approach has helped build the Boss Madam brand as her fans are always engaged and she uses their reactions to gauge if she is going in the right direction. 

In her opinion, many Namibian artistes release albums to partake in the NAMAs but for her that is not the case.
“I think about a lot of things when I drop an album. The main thing I ask myself is, ‘will my fans love the new album?’ because they help to make the album a success. So, I might not release at the right time to make it for the awards but only when it feels right,” she explained.

Many resources need to be considered when choosing to go for a full-length album, as thousands of dollars go into CD duplication, studio time, mixing, mastering and promotion. Whereas singles are a bit easier, especially since you can just put them online for purchase, explained Sally Boss Madam.

Staying true to her craft, the 2018 NAMAs female artiste of the year just released a new single with visuals featuring Chukune titled “Chop o Life”, as she gears up to release an album hopefully this year, she teased. 

“I put a lot of effort in my work for so many years and I’m just humbled to see how it’s paying off when some people were not convinced I could pull it off. I’m working on new music and I hope they (fans) will love it. Hopefully, the album might come out this year,” she ended.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-05-03 11:30:08 | 9 months ago

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