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Samuehl targets 2022 waterfront completion

2021-11-05  Steven Klukowski

Samuehl targets 2022 waterfront completion

LÜDERITZ -The completion of the Lüderitz Waterfront project will transform the harbour town and the //Kharas region as a whole through diversification of the income stream in the area. 

This is according to Fluksman Samuehl, CEO of the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company (LWDC). 

Samuehl gave this assurance during an engagement with journalists on the progress of the development of the project. 

“This project can, in addition, attract tourists, create employment opportunities and host major events of international standards,” he said. 

Samuehl said although the LWDC has been experiencing delays in the completion of the project for the past five years, they now have renewed hope that government will come on board with financial assistance to the state-owned enterprise to complete the project successfully. 

“We can no longer afford the completion of the waterfront to accumulate costs and deny the socio-economic benefits attached for the society of Lüderitz in the long run,” said the CEO. 

He also said in terms of progress, a state-of-the-art auditorium with a 350-seating capacity has been completed and is being used as a means of generating income. “The fitness gym is furthermore also operational where residents can now strengthen their bodies.  Membership fees for usage of the facility also contribute towards the SOE’s income stream,” said Samuehl. 

Another milestone reached in terms of the completion of the project was the access road to the waterfront. 

“The maritime museum which is now 70% complete will definitely boost the income generating stream of the project since it will attract a large number of tourists to the harbour town,” the CEO reasoned. Samuehl remains confident and optimistic that the waterfront will be fully completed by November 2022. 

“I would like to see President Hage Geingob inaugurate our facility at the beginning of 2023,” said the CEO. He also said good things are certainly on the way with the completion of the project in the near future. 

“I hereby wish to thank the residents of Lüderitz and the //Kharas region as a whole for their patience in waiting for the completion of the project and furthermore urging them to continue supporting and believing in this game-changer project which is ultimately for their benefit,” he said. 

Victoria Ndjebela, chairperson of the !Nami#Nus Youth Forum, said the completion of the Waterfront will mean a lot for the youth in the southern harbour town. “It can definitely create employment opportunities for the youth while we can use the auditorium for our meetings and plenary sessions,” she said. 

The youth leader said sport facilities like outdoor basketball and tennis courts as well as a fitness gym will prevent the youth in the town to turn to crime and substance abuse due to boredom as these facilities will keep them occupied.

2021-11-05  Steven Klukowski

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