• January 20th, 2020

Sanlam opens fully-fledged office in Outapi

WINDHOEK - Sanlam last week opened its new office in Outapi. Located at the Outapi shopping mall, the new office was opened with the aim of taking services closer to the people of Outapi and nearby towns. 

Speaking at the official launch last week, Sanlam Group CEO Tertius Stears said they decided that in order to provide proper services to their clients, they had to go where the clients are which is why they opened the Outapi office, while other offices will be opened in the next two months. Previously Sanlam had a small client service office which offered limited services, but the newly launched office will offer all the services provided by all major Sanlam offices in the country. 

Stears said that the people of Outapi no longer have to travel long distances to the nearest offices, in either Oshakati or Ondangwa, for services such as enquiring on their polices, claiming on their policies, changing their information, or taking up a new policy as all these services will now be provided by the Outapi team. 

Stears  added that the team at the Outapi office is equipped with all the necessary tools and skills to carry out their duties while at the same time calling on them to ensure that no client leaves the office unhappy. 
Speaking at the same occasion, Omusati Regional Governor Erginus Enjala welcomed Sanlam to the Omusati Region and to Outapi, adding that the people of Outapi no longer need to travel long distances for Sanlam services as these have now been brought right to their doorstep. 

Enjala encouraged the Outapi community to invest and plan for their financial future. Enjala further encouraged Sanlam to assist Omusati Region by contributing to the financial education as well as to other pressing challenges such as drought and other corporate social responsibility initiatives in Outapi and the greater Omusati.  

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2019-05-21 10:12:44 | 7 months ago

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