• June 5th, 2020

Save our football from vultures

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Sport, Sports

So, it’s that time again when local football administrators are stumbling all over their feet like seasoned drunkards jostling for positions within the administration of the beautiful-turned-ugly-game of football. Yours truly has it on good authority that the overly ambitious and self-centred president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), one Frans Mbidi, is burning the midnight oil to have the NFA constitution amended to make provision for a third term. Dear readers and all football followers, it is now crystal clear that vultures, whose sole purpose is to serve their personal interests at the expense of the real McCoys of the game – in this case the clubs and players, are capturing Namibian football. My ageing fingers are trembling from anger as I pen down this article simply because I am helpless to save our football from becoming a delicacy for stray dogs. It is now a well-documented secret that those pulling the purse strings in the top echelons of domestic football have made it their sole province to enrich themselves through unscrupulous deals and manoeuvrings within the game of football. My biggest fear is that as much as we object to a third term on the false proviso that the current elected members serving on the NFA Executive need to have their long overdue lodging prolonged, please don’t ask me for how long, but that’s the chosen path. Obviously, it is my conviction that the majority of the NFA Executive would not want to step down without a fight the upon expiry of their term in office as they desperately want to remain on the bandwagon as long as the gravy train is still in motion. In hindsight, there is no visible remuneration or tangible income that can be derived from one’s presence in Namibian football but wait a minute, NFA is an affiliate to a multi-billion-dollar entity in the shape of FIFA. The world’s governing football body is a stinking rich institution with a significant number of well-oiled subsidiaries, spitting decent perks towards those obedient servants, whose votes ensure the longevity of their masters at the helm of FIFA. Should we perhaps not ask ourselves why adults who are supposed to have other responsibilities are clinging to positions in public entities in the absence of good returns? I’m just wondering. As it stands, the NFA constitution is so skewed that those in charge have shamelessly empowered themselves to dictate the terms of potential incoming office bearers. Namibian football stands on the threshold of becoming a milk cow for a certain clique of greedy individuals and failure to stop the rot would result in the game going south. In conclusion, I humbly and sincerely urge sports authorities, including the portfolio ministry, to stop these shenanigans where elected individuals become a law unto themselves. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-16 11:12:09 | 2 years ago

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