• June 4th, 2020

Serviced Rocky Crest erven up for grabs

Maihapa Ndjavera

The City of Windhoek last week notified the public on the upcoming invitation for bids (IFB) for closed bid sale of single residential and general residential erven in the Rocky Crest’s extension four. This comes after the city promised to deliver serviced erven by developing the fourth extension of the Rocky Crest neighbourhood.

Development of the erven was carried out in partnership with Otweya Land Developers. The city’s CEO, Robert Kahimise, at the official ground-breaking in 2008 said, through its strategic plan, the city has committed itself to deliver about 4 554 serviced erven over the next five years. The development will start with Rocky Crest extension four, followed by extension five and six.

The sale is taking place in three categories, with the first one being the sale of 46 unimproved single residential erven using a closed bid method available for the youth (ages 16-35). Erf sizes are ranging between 301 to 636 meter squared and the upset prices starting from N$240 800.

The second category is the sale of 139 unimproved single residential erven using a closed bid method of sale to members of the public (open) and erf sizes ranging from 331 to 1136 meter squared in extent and the upset prices starting from N$262 800. The last category is the sale of 19 unimproved general residential erven using a closed bid method of sale to all members of the public. The erf sizes are ranging between 2 036 to 26 178 meter squared in extent and the upset prices starting from N$2 239 600.

The city stated that registration will commence on 10th until the 21st of February 2020. Submission of bids for the youth is on the 25th of February, and for natural persons or open is on the 27th, while for general residential is on the 5th of March 2020. The bidding will take place at Ramatex.
Furthermore, the city along with the contractors Otweya Land Developers are hosting an information session on Wednesday this week on the site at Rocky Crest Extension four.

Registration fee is set at N$2 500 for single residential erven (youth and natural persons), while for general residential erven is N$5 000. The registration is refundable if not successful (after completion of the bidding and allocation process).

Otweya Land Developers said they are delighted to present potential buyers and business proposals for the land-servicing project in Rocky Extension four.

“The country is currently faced with severe shortage of serviced land in municipal areas due to large influx of people from rural areas and the backlogs in housing provision. With this initiative, we are looking to provide infrastructure services (sewer, water, electricity and roads) to Rocky Crest Extension four, which is a mixed development consisting residential units, general residential (block erven), business erven, and institutional (schools),” they said.

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