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Seth Boois’ philanthropic legacy lives on

2021-06-02  Paheja Siririka

Seth Boois’ philanthropic legacy lives on
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The Seth Mathaba Boois (SMB) Foundation is offering office space and on-site accommodation to a young professional to set up an office in Kalkrand in the Hardap region free of charge for 12 months.

“That’s giving the young person the opportunity to focus his/her time and energy and growing his/her business model, without being worried about paying rent,” said Beatrix Boois, the eldest daughter of Seth Boois, a former Brave Warriors head coach and NFA technical director, who died in Windhoek in September last year.

Boois also loved writing. He is the author of two books on the local game, one on the history of Namibian football and another specifically on the history of the national team. Two fictional titles, ‘Blood Diamonds’ and ‘Taxi in Windhoek’ were also penned by the multi-talented Boois.

Having left such a philanthropic legacy of education and the spirit of entrepreneurship behind, the Boois offspring, with their mother, Yvonne, thought it important to give back through his name to the Namibian community.

Beatrix, a lawyer by profession who runs her law firm BB Boois Attorneys in northern Namibia, urged young Namibians to apply for this opportunity. 

“The person will be a young Namibian who may otherwise not have had the necessary financial backing and funding to open up a professional service during these Covid-19 times will now have an opportunity to do so,” added Beatrix.

She said that whatever business is set up in the office space they provide, will essentially assist the community of Kalkrand which is made up of teachers, police officers, health workers, among others, who will now have that specific service brought closer to them, and they will no longer need to spend time and additional money to travel and look for services outside of their town.

“This will also then lead to community upliftment as well, as the service being brought by the young person will also create an employment opportunity for a member of Kalkrand community.”

The foundation sets out in the future to have scholarship and other funding opportunities to assist young Namibians to reach their educational goals. 

Beatrix added that the foundation will also establish an adult literacy centre in one of the densely populated informal settlements to upgrade and assist young adults to at least learn to read and write, and help those with no basic computer skills which can, in turn, be an advantage when they are seeking employment.

The SMB Foundation is headed by Seth Boois’ widow, Yvonne Boois, who is a teacher by profession; Beaulah, a communication practitioner,  Beauty, a psychological counsellor, and Beyouncee /Namgu Boois, a Grade 12 high school student, who is a public speaker, poet and advocate for girls and women’s rights. -

2021-06-02  Paheja Siririka

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