• July 3rd, 2020

Shootiing from the hip: NSSU skating on thin ice

…schools sport going to the dogs

Watching the likes of Uganda, Zimbabwe and Malawi competing fiercely in the world netball championships underway in Liverpool, United Kingdom, makes butterflies run riot in my belly.
These are all nations that not so long ago used to play second fiddle to our ‘Desert Jewels’. Yours truly is still trying to figure out as to where did we exactly go wrong with the ladies game to be left so far behind for a country that was once ranked 14th amongst the world’s best netball playing nations, and second best on the African continent behind big sister South Africa.
This once again brings to question the sorry state of schools sport and lack of urgency in introducing physical education in the curriculum. Schools sport is the springboard to excellence; athletes will never flourish in the absence of proper foundations and this can only be attained through proper structures in schools sport.
If ones take a closer look at some schools, notably those accommodating pupils from affluent parents in the leafy townships – the gulf is hopelessly too big. These girls are exposed to proper training methods, nutrition, modern facilities and many other aspects required in modern sport.
Sport is no longer just a pastime, it has evolved into serious business, producing millionaires. Needless to note that there is an urgent need to overhaul the virtually non-existent  NambiaNational Schools Sport Union (NSSU). This organ has become irrelevant and certainly no longer serves its intended purpose, so to speak.
The world is moving with the times and very fast for that matter, so we can’t permanently hide behind the old worn-out song “insufficient funding”. Those entrusted to pull the strings should start rolling with the punches and get their act together or ship out. The future of our children is gravely compromised by incompetent or rather clueless administrators.
When last did we hear of regional or national elections taking place to elect new leaders into vital positions?  We need to move with the times and be prepared to adopt new challenges ultimately different approaches if need be.
NSSU has lost its “mojo” and is in dire need of a major shakeup, from its mandate down to administration. There is just no vision apart from sending young athletes to participate in meaningless competitions against South African provinces – nothing has really changed or improved since the demolition of Apartheid in 1990.
Truth be told, there has been absolutely no tangible improvement in the volume of international participation apart from sporadic tours to neigbouring South Africa and Zimbabwe.
NSSU is still operating as a South African province with a significant chunk of her international engagements confined to South African provincial competitions. HELLO!!! Namibia is a sovereign country and can no longer live in the shadow of South Africa. 
To make matters worse, there seems to be no proper control mechanism when schools, be it private or government, participate beyond Namibian borders. 
Unlike in other sport codes, all tours beyond Namibia must be vetoed and sanctioned by the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) whereupon national colours are handed out to deserving athletes representing their motherland with honour.
As it stands, is has now become a free for all with every Dick, even Tom and never mind Harry organising tours outside the country at random. Introduce hard and fast rules to monitor and subsequently control school activities as things are getting out of hand. 
The naked reality is we are saddled with a very dangerous nauseating unethical practice whereby kids of well-to-do parents are allowed to buy their places in representative national teams. I rest my case.

Carlos Kambaekwa
2019-07-19 13:32:17 | 11 months ago


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    I dont think Namibia were ever above Malawi on Netball, to be honest....Zimbabwe and Uganda maybe.