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Shooting from the hip: Time for change in attitude

2018-12-21  Carlos Kambaekwa

Shooting from the hip: Time for change in attitude

The Minister of Sport (s) Hon Erastus Uutoni has rightly called some of the national sports bodies to order. Notably the NFA and NRU – our intelligent readers know these acronyms by now and for this sake, let’s stick to the NRU and their uphill battle. 

The new NRU Board was voted in earlier this year but had barely unlocked the boardroom when the NRL (Namibia Rugby Limited) Company came out in the public domain.

It took a flood of comments, sms, opinions, press conferences, press releases, arguments, counter arguments, threats from high public offices, directives, investigations, meetings and more meetings, a visit from World Rugby, accompanied by our very own Mr Aziz, the President of CAR (Confederation Rugby D Afrique) and many-many more role players to enter the very unpalatable fray. Still the public is none the wiser. 

As in any conflict, sides were chosen and battle lines drawn. Our rugby and its polished public persona took a hell of a beating with no solution in sight.

Like in any relationship, the people nearest are the last to know or find out that the so called partner was after all not so trusted and true as portrayed to the family and extended family! Not to mention about a third party in the relationship, or a fourth or maybe a fifth party. 

Like the insurance people like to say, they have ‘’BELANG’’ meaning a stake in the matter. In any sport or organisation, a multi-layered approach is necessary. Let’s be honest, to leave it in the hands of one person or an unholy alliance, is looking for trouble. No use elaborating on this, just think back…you know what I mean. 

Our sports bodies are similarly aligned to our mother bodies, international affiliates and ultimately the Namibia Sport Commission. Any other body is welcome, if falling under and operating UNDER the national body. Period. This is called a partnership. 

The fourth and fifth party is also welcome, but must abide by the HOUSE RULES! Imagine the satisfaction to all if you give more than you take. A comment by a high-ranking rugby official got me thinking. He said that we do not have any WORKABLE STRUCTURES in place. 

Take five Sir and have a bells!!  Remember, we have all the structures, you can name them and you can name the people occupying them, but are they working? Are they serving the affiliates like they should? 

Are they accountable to said affiliates? Is this the fight of a lone sheriff or do the towns (folk affiliates) not care. (Borrowed from passed on Louis L’Amour, the Western writer King.) 

I surely have left more questions than answers, this was the purpose. To tackle the above, I have come to the conclusion that we need to change our ATTITUDE towards the problem. 

One person cannot effect change because we need all role players and get rid of the “me, I” concept and “they and them” syndrome. We need to change to US. We need to take hands, be prepared to accept each other and make concessions. Clubs and affiliates must get their arses in gear and get their houses in order. 

Stop howling on WhatsApp and make positive contributions. Then can you challenge the next person (s). 
Bodies of authority like NRU, inter alia, must be respected irrespective of whom is in office. It goes without saying that this is a two way street. 

Our stakeholders are maybe the most important people and TOGETHER we can make the difference. Here they are: Clubs form Council, Council forms the Board, NRL, spectators, Sponsors, NSC, Sports Ministry, World Rugby, CAR, general public following rugby.

Imagine if we beat Canada and Italy at the World Cup, then we do not have to go through qualification for the next edition…just a last thought! 
To all, a very Merry X-mas & happy New Year.

2018-12-21  Carlos Kambaekwa

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