• September 26th, 2020

Shooting from the hip - When things get bumpy

Without beating around the bush, there’s a deliberate systematic element of bad sportsmanship in the shape of psychological manipulation aimed at those perceived to be sympathisers of the expelled Namibia Premier League (NPL).
Yours truly has never been one to be afraid of rolling with the punches. I call a spade by its name, not a BIG SPOON. Some crazy fool with no standing in society, aided by the blessings of his uncultured cronies, have made it their business to attack the characters of those who do not necessarily share their views on the unfortunate ongoing squabbles in domestic football.

An unsigned list has been unleashed into the public domain, citing a significant number of high profile football personalities pushing for an unspecified tribal agenda. Sadly, the author did not have the courage or the audacity to reveal his identity, a clear sign of malice and cowardice, so to speak. 
It pains me to the core when people start attacking the characters of others rather than tackling the real issues at hand. 
It’s a normal practice that people will always have isolated views on how disputes should be resolved but how is it that when a certain group of people are in unison in their way of thinking, gets labelled as tribalists by another group made up of the same tribe. That’s hypocrisy and double standards. 
For starters, yours truly has been at the forefront of vigorously fighting institutionalised racism and hidden tribalism in sport. I’m on record denouncing the popular “Reservaat” Football and Netball tournaments. 

Those following my writings on this column are welcome to retrieve my opinion about the hosting of such tribally motivated tournaments. I can’t recall any other media practitioner or sport scribe in this country questioning the modus operandi of those tribal tourneys.   

Genuine tribalists are always quick out of the blocks to pin-point others, but alas, before we start picking culprits, action speaks louder than words. 
HELLO!! People are measured against their circle of friends. I boast a vast pool of very good buddies from all walks of life, I mean real buddies, not acquaintances. 
For your information, my closest friends are Damaras and coloureds, you can even go to my hometown Okahandja and ask my boyhood buddy Ishmael Tsutsai Kkoeseb, aka “Zambia”. I grew up in a multi-cultural society in our unique village //Xaire (Okatupapa).
Late Tigers FC legend Siegfried Dale Stephanus and I grew up in the same village and ate from the same bowl of “Oshifima no Mbelela” deliciously prepared by his late uncle Shikongo “Korii” Hamunyela, who was married to my beloved late aunt Esther Uasengua Hamunyela. May their combined souls continue to rest easy.     
Lest we forget, I always stood for justice and fairness, when former NFA President Frans Mbidi tried to elbow his then trusted right-hand man Barry Rukoro out of the equation, I contested such action.

I insisted that due process (the audi alteram partem rule) must be applied and when the same Barry and the NFA executive tried to ground Mbidi in the same fashion, I stood for Mbidi and when Tigers were unfairly docked points for their no show without a charge and subsequent hearing, I stood for “Ingwe”.
I certainly don’t and will never support the idea of two separate leagues. Nonetheless, I still maintain the country’s football authorities committed a grave error of judgment by summarily suspending and expelling NPL without a fair hearing. 

Finally, the coward author of the circulated letter painting others as tribalists is a blow below the belt, a sign of bad sportsmanship. Don’t play the man, play the ball. I’ve massive respect for Hendrik Christian, for his spotless interpretation of laws governing the game of football.    
Going to the length of shamelessly discredit legends such as retired Brave Warriors greats inspirational skipper Bimbo Tjihero, midfield general Congo Hindjou, noted football analyst Steven Ndorokaze whilst conveniently targeting sport scribes is disgusting, childish and uncalled for. 
Both Bimbo and Congo deserve a certain measure of respect for what they have offered to the overall growth of Namibian football and cannot be unfairly crucified by the Johnny’s-Come-Late. How on bloody earth does any sober-minded person connect a none Khoekhoe-gowab speaking bloke who enjoys the freedom of Dolam, Tseiblaagte and Paballelo with tribalism. I rest my case.

Carlos Kambaekwa
2020-09-04 12:25:57 | 21 days ago

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