• October 25th, 2020

Shooting from the hip with Carlos Kambaekwa - Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

Yours truly has been carefully following the unfolding reaction to the appointment of National Sports Commission (NSC) mediator committee by sports minister Agnes Tjongarero, to look into the long standing feud between the country’s football governing body, the Namibia Football Association (NFA) and its grounded prime affiliate the Namibia Premier League (NPL).
Whilst one would have expected both parties to welcome and appreciate the minister’s diplomatic approach to have the long standing dispute resolved in a transparent fashion, there are mumblings in the corridors dismissing the minister’s approach and efforts.
Yours truly has been actively involved in this game for a good fifty plus (50+) years as an addicted spectator, player, referee, club administrator, broadcaster, and scribe...you name it. Based on past experience, the author is well placed to point out that any football league without the blessings of the NFA is a none starter......same can be said that any topflight football league without the presence of powerhouses African Stars and Black Africa is bound to become a very unattractive product. 

Sadly, that’s the brutal reality, it’s a WIN-WIN situation......NFA needs the NPL to remain relevant but sadly, the latter has been essentially made redundant by extension of its expulsion and the NFA is fully aware of this scenario.
Any sober minded Namibian who has the genuine and honest interest of football at heart should strive for reconciliation between the two parties rather than rejoicing at the other’s demise. 
The real McCoy’s of the game, PLAYERS have been the victims of this unfortunate marathon dispute that has brought our football to a virtual standstill.

Our footballers are not only deprived of practising their God-given trade, but the boys have also been robbed of their dignity and right to be classified as recognised citizens, as a result of an institutionalised loss of income, whilst denied potential opportunities to take their careers to the next level in the absence of competitive football. 
We should stop bluffing, conveniently misleading the general public pretending things will be normal should the current trend continues, that’s a BIG lie. 

If both parties are genuinely honest in finding a common solution to this ugly debacle, I urge both entities to swallow their misguided pride and iron out your differences in a matured manner for the sake of innocent young footballers and ultimate progress of Namibian football.
The beautiful game of football should be the ultimate winner and cannot be left at the behest of self-centred administrators whose personal egos seem to override logical thinking. 

Football does not belong to individuals, it’s a public institution and cannot be held at ransom by people who have made it their sole beat to parade their egos for reasons only know to themselves. Any leader worth their salt will put aside personal benefits for the sake of their subjects. 
The onus is now on my learned friends Ranga Haikali and Patrick Kauta to bury the hatched, take a long breath and think about the plight of poor young footballers who have been going to bed on empty stomachs, let alone their dependents. I rest my case. 

Carlos Kambaekwa
2020-09-18 10:56:39 | 1 months ago

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