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Slightly late

2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

Slightly late
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It is definitely slightly late, given we are already in February. However, better late than never. Compliments for the New Year and may it be fruitful for you and every little girl you raise. 

 While we are on the topic of dishing out salutations for the new year, I believe it is noteworthy that we take cognizance of this year’s 2021 International Women’s Day theme: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world”. Women stand at the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis, as healthcare workers, caregivers, innovators, and community organizers and as some of the most exemplary and effective national leaders in combating the pandemic. As such, the theme is said to celebrate the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the pandemic. For many years, women have been fighting to sit at the table where it is only said to be for men, fighting oppression from all corners and receiving no applause for the efforts attained. This is the year we stop waiting for applause and applaud ourselves. Celebrating women in leadership means recognizing the work they do, the efforts they put in to make the world a better place, given the special times of Covid-19. From being mothers when they are off, to saving the lives of dying patients, and indefinitely running countries as heads of state. 

Celebrating women in leadership doesn’t stop at those in positions to make decisions and change the world. It also includes those that survive tragedies, leave abusive relationships, and survive abuse at the hands of men and or women. You are worth an applause, and if it means we remind you each day, the reminder will be set.  May this be a good year.

• Frieda Mukufa’s lifestyle section concentrates on women-related issues and parenting every Friday in the New Era newspaper.

2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

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