• May 23rd, 2019
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Slow start for 2018 Windhoek Show

Onesmus Embula

WINDHOEK - The Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show being hosted by the Windhoek Show Society that started last Friday and ends Saturday despite having had a massive fireworks display has been described as the worst ever in terms of appeal.

The Windhoek Showgrounds host numerous agricultural and industrial events that draw local and regional exhibitors by combining agricultural exhibitions, several industrial and retail offerings as well as a range of entertainment facilities and a beer tent. 

The reception for this year’s event was however not satisfying to most of the exhibitors and some labelled it as the worst event compared to shows of  yesteryear.

Exhibitors who requested  anonymity, for fear of possible reprisals by the organisers, attributed the poor turnout to the prevailing economic crisis.  “Customers are lacking this year compared to the past years and I believe it is because of the current economic downturn the country is facing,” said one of the exhibitors. He  added that the current economic situation faced by the country is beyond the capacity of the event organisers.

Another exhibitor mentioned the need to put more efforts in advertising and marketing of the annual event. “The management and organisers should consider live broadcast of the event and creating more awareness on social media platforms to generate more leads and attractf the youth because I am suspecting that the public are partially informed about the dates and happening of this whole event,” he suggested.

Johan Snyder, Gondwana exhibitor, on the other hand commended the organisers for their efforts in making the event a success. “We cannot entirely blame the organisers. If people don’t have money due to the recession and other financial constraints, organisers cannot do anything about that,” said Snyder.

Despite the poor turnout Snyder said he was particularly impressed by the variety of food such as the variety of African cuisine and braai meat, amongst others.

He described the event as fun and friendly for kids, where friends get together and families gather with most people turning up on weekends and afternoons and peak time is on casual days. 

New Era Reporter
2018-10-03 09:17:10 7 months ago

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