• November 27th, 2020

Social reflections - Goodbye is the saddest word

I have never been good at goodbyes, for a variety of reasons. 
1. I am terrible at letting go. 
2. I have a real fear of the unknown. 
3. I tend to overthink every scenario known to man, as to why there is a reason to stay. 
Yet, in my journey of becoming who I am, I have experienced something I plan to carry forward, that is the ability to always create space for the next person. We have a responsibility to create spaces for those who will walk the path after us. There is an engrained need to pass the ladder back and ensure that you create a space at the table for the next person. 
So, as I say my goodbyes and write my final piece for this column, I have to share a few lessons that I will carry with me forward. Truths I have learned on this journey of writing and becoming the truest most authentic version of myself. 

1.    Anyone can teach you something, you just have to be willing to learn.
We often say that the teacher shows up when the student is willing to learn. Same applies to finding lessons and learning moments from everything around us. When you open yourself up to learning, you find that every opportunity can act as a lesson. Listen to the five-year-old who shows you that life is full of small joys if you harness them. The taxi driver who shows you the power of storytelling. The manager who shows you what leadership looks like. The tailor who shows you what love and passion looks like. Learning opportunities are all around us, you just need to be open to seeing them.

2. Speak your truth 
We can become so wrapped up in the perceptions of those around us, and miss out on living in our truth. We can quickly start to care too much, worry too often and wonder too regularly about what the world thinks of us, and lose the opportunity to explore the depths of whom we are. As cliché as the saying goes, not everyone will like you. It is an unfortunate truth, but a liberating one simultaneously. It is in knowing that, that you owe it to yourself to sink knee-deep into your authenticity, to live your truth and speak it. 
The power lies in being able to push past “what will they say” and step into speaking your truth. Your truth may not conform, but then again, what fun has it ever been to blend anyway?

3. Time is what binds you in fear 
I have learned that each and every one of us has a “what if?” – What if I applied for a different, more fulfilling job? – What if I went back to school and studied what I am truly passionate about? – What if I start that business? – What if I moved to a different country?
What if…. What if you did? What if you took that jump, quit making excuses and get straight into it? The truth is the fear that holds us back most times is the perception of time. It is too late to go back to school, start that business or start a new life in a different country. However, time is what you perceive it to be and the truth is that you are not going back to school because of your age, that will have you without that degree five years from now. Your holding on to a job that does not satisfy you because you have spent seven years there that will still have you unsatisfied nine years from now.  Time is how you perceive it. You can either allow it to become your bondage, or you can allow it to be your liberator. Either way, the decision remains yours.  In the spirit of heeding my own advice and lessons, I am now letting go of what I have known to be my reality for over 18 months. I have written for this column every single Wednesday and letting go has been trying. However, as all things come and all seasons go, it is now time to say goodbye. In letting go, there’s an opportunity to spread one’s wings, an opportunity to make room for the next writer, but most off all, an opportunity to learn how to say goodbye. 
From One Powerhouse to another
Signing out, Love Mavis
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Mavis Braga Elias
2020-09-09 10:39:38 | 2 months ago

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