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Soek Soek Remix gets mixed reactions

2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

Soek Soek Remix gets mixed reactions
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Paheja Siririka

RTE Record roped in South African artist Kearnan Forbes, known as AKA, on the remix of Soek Soek, the ballad sung by DJ Spuzza, Chester Houseprince, Don Kamati, Mega and Chakie, receiving mixed reactions from viewers after its upload on YouTube.

The song, which has received more 100 000 viewers to date, has music enthusiast tongue wagging, with some saying it is too much and all over the place, whereas others are saying some scenes in the video are unnecessary.

“The intro for the Soek Soek remix video was also a bit too much,” said @uiisira.
“Soek Soek is a nice song, guys; there, we will give credit where it’s due, but thereby the remix, aye sorry!” tweeted @Tinaky1. 
 Another tweep said the only thing good about the Soek Soek remix is the video and that’s it; the other guy came to play.
Controversial @okaputu11 said the song is nice but it seems they used his phone, which presumably has bad picture quality.

Soon after the mixed reactions on social media and although many love the collaboration and the fact that AKA came to Namibia, DJ Spuzza couldn’t hold it in any longer and pronounced himself on pending projects in light of the criticism the song has been receiving.
“During lockdown, earlier this year, I was working on my DJ Khaled sh*t. I put all of the hardest rappers in my hood on a tune titled ‘Kapenandje’ – and since there’s a lot of controversy about this Soek Soek remix, I think this is the right time to drop this BANGER,” he mentioned.
He also added: “Soek Soek remix just reached over 100 000 in three days, which makes this something that has never been done in the history of Namibian music – and mind you, the kid who did it is a DJ”. Guys, this is my second MV of the same song. Thank you Namibia,” tweeted DJ Spuzza, real name McArthur Suze.

Monica Pinias, well known as Top Cheri, retweet and said: “Omapendafule got 155K in a day ... But I’m still proud of you”.
Although the remix is being welcomed with these reactions, with more comments coming in, saying there is no difference from the original one and this should be dubbed Soek Soek 2.0, it is the harmony of many artists coming together, putting their voices on one song and in the video (excluding Don Kamati, who is nowhere to be seen, nor was he in the original). 

2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

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