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‘Space cookies’ spark police concern 

2022-06-22  Paheja Siririka

‘Space cookies’ spark police concern 

The authorities have issued a warning against “space cookies”, which are edible treats containing cannabis or other dangerous substances.

 The warning comes after a 23-year-old male suspect was arrested on 13 June this year, when he was allegedly found selling and in possession of 103 cannabis cookies valued at about N$2 000.

 “The drug is reportedly addictive and can result in an overdose when three or more cookies are consumed at once. The cookies come in shapes of hearts, squares, round, chocolate and vanilla flavours to attract youthful customers,” said police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi.

 She added although it is difficult to distinguish from the real cookies, the biggest concern is that they contain cannabis, which is a dangerous substance. 

“Investigations are ongoing in all towns since the drugs/cookies are believed to have reached various towns.”

 To date, the Namibian police have arrested suspects in Windhoek and Katima Mulilo and confiscated various types of cookies and brownies which were confirmed through laboratory analysis to contain tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol is defined as a major psychoactive component and one of the 113 cannabinoids recognised in cannabis.

 The police further warned the public to refrain from buying “space cookies” sold on the streets and to closely monitor children’s behaviour at all times. 

2022-06-22  Paheja Siririka

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