• July 11th, 2020

Standard Bank takes proactive stance against corona

Standard Bank management says it continues to monitor the spread of Covid-19 infections globally and locally. To this effect, the bank says it understands the imperative to serve the Namibian public and provide critical services during this difficult time.    

“As we navigate the evolving situation concerning the spread of the virus, we are informed by the need to assertively safeguard the health and safety of our workplace, staff, clients and the communities in which we operate. In order to reduce the risk to our staff, clients and the general public, as well as minimise disruption to our services, we have taken a number of measures,” read a statement from the bank.   

Some of these measures include: Suspension of all cross-border travel on Standard Bank business a week ago, employees provided with the necessary information and tools to minimise risks and provide assurance of precautionary measures to deal with the potential risks, institution of the ‘work from home’ provision to lessen the chances of contracting and spreading the virus from person to person.

Increasing the regularity of sanitising facilities and public spaces, ensuring that they align to World Health Organisation and ministry of health guidelines to minimise the risk of potential infection.
 Whenever possible, meetings with external parties are digital. 

Given the risks of infection attached to public spaces, Standard Bank urges clients to minimise physical meetings and visits to branches and to rather make use of “cash-less” digital channels such as Internet Banking, the Standard Bank App, Mobile banking and PayPulse.  

“We take this opportunity to encourage everyone to continue exercising hygiene to assist in the global and national efforts of combating the spread of the virus. We are engaging other private sector players through the NCCI to mobilise and coordinate our efforts and support in the fight against the further spread of the virus.  We take our responsibility seriously to keep your lives and business on track and our economy going. The crisis provides an opportunity for us to work smarter and use digital technology more actively and more creatively to serve our clients without the risks of contact with other people,” the statement concluded. 

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2020-03-23 08:25:23 | 3 months ago

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