• August 12th, 2020

Stanely Mareka, the African Cobra

Strauss Lunyangwe

WINDHOEK - The ever-intriguing Stanley Mareka has decided to be at the forefront of the stage besides choreographing at the back with dancers.
The founder of Equipped Dancing Academy informed Entertainment Now! this week that he is still passionate about his dancing career, which he embraced 21 years ago, but has now introduced African Cobra, which he says is to expand his field of entertainment. 
“I am an artist that is born to deliver and upgrade. Dancing is number one because choreography and directing contributes a beautiful theatrical look on stage for my music,” he explained.
He noted that he first wanted his dancing to achieve a lot in life, which it did when he won Season Two of the Channel O Dance Africa in South Africa in 2008 and successfully defended the title for four years. He then got the opportunity to study a four-year course in Germany at the Tanz Akademie B1 in Frankfurt. 
The course included dancing classic ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, fusion, embodiment, partnership, and choreography. He feels his dancing has upgraded after his technical training abroad and his movements are sharper and complex. 
African Cobra’s first introduction to the public was at last year’s annual New Year’s Eve bash hosted by the City of Windhoek. The public was shocked to see him singing when they actually expected him to warm up the crowd with a dance while the artist was coming on stage.
“They didn’t believe me till today. If I hold a mic, they wonder before I open my mouth and voice the cord, thereafter you can see the eyes and silence and the focus they give to listen. Afterwards, they cheer not the normal way but proud sounds and reactions,” he said.
The versatile dancer and musician feels that he will still dance for artists when booked, as it is an art he loves. “I don’t want to lose that image and be hard headed and have that celebrity mindset. I want to help other artists in my capacity as a Namibian and direct them where I can to improve their presence on stage, videos or even activations,” he added. 
Mareka was mostly trained in the technical aspect of movement, adjusting on time, noticing missing dots, directing stage creations, synchronising artists and instruments.
Currently, he has three singles out titled “Dancing Mic”, “Hold My Hand” and now “Ama Jesu Wamie Gospel Jive”. Plans are underway to shoot a music video for “Ama Jesu Wamie” very soon. 
Mareka feels his alter ego is a theatrical live-stage performer-musician that can sing and dance. His music should not be defined or racialised. He wants his fans to understand the body of work created before judging it with a clear conscious understanding. 
For bookings, he can be contacted at 0814658124 

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-07-12 11:06:40 | 1 years ago

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