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Stephany, young warranty engineer in the making

2018-11-07  Pinehas Nakaziko

Stephany, young warranty engineer in the making
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WINDHOEK-A go-getter and one of the youngest warranty engineers, Stephany Amon (23) describes her career path exciting and never to be given up.

Amon works for Green Enterprise Solutions attending to call outs by customers and clients. She also diagnoses laptops, desktops, tablets, and also order and replace parts, as well assist with software issues of all gadgets. Her day starts at 08h00 in the morning, but always go the office earlier to plan her day. “Although everything do not go as planned, there is always something that comes up.     Clients that needs to be assisted, parts that needs to be replaced. So it gets crazy, but it always ends up being a productive day,” explains she.

Although she never thought of being an engineer in the beginning, she says all came when she did a course at one of the colleges in Windhoek. With her company (Green Enterprise Solution), the principal activity is to provide specialised Information Technology (IT) services and solutions that help clients to plan, build, improve and support their IT infrastructures. “My best part of my work is going out to clients and solving their problems,” says Amon, adding that in the next ten years, she see herself owning and running her own IT business.

Amon was born in Tsumeb and grew up in Windhoek with her parents and two siblings.  “I grew up in a very loving house. Our house is always open to other people, where friends become family. As an older sister I always had to be the example for my brothers in everything I do, because they always look up to me. So in whatever I had to do, I had to put in extra work and try not to mess it up,” explains she.

Born by an unemployed mother and a teacher father, growing up they always had financial issues, and it was also a struggle to pay their school fees. She attended her lower education at the Eldorado Secondary School, where she completed her Grade 12, and later pursued a course in IT at Lingua College for three years. After completion, she was awarded an Advanced Diploma in IT. “Through all these, my parents and brothers were motivating me to work. I started working at Green as an intern, and what I mostly know today comes from the training I received from Green,” she says.
She adds that Green took her in as an intern, and gave her training on customer services, Microsoft services, infrastructure services as well as Professional services. “Green has added a lot of value to me as a person.”

2018-11-07  Pinehas Nakaziko

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