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Steven readies to make musical waves

2019-01-23  Tuulikki Abraham

Steven readies to make musical waves

At the age of nine years he sounded his first rhyme for real with phenomenal responses as  people could not believe his feat. Ever since, his friends started to look up to him with awe. In 2017 he started composing songs with Cronix & Arafat. Before that he only did mixtapes.

This is Steven Biko Shihepo, also known as Steve Biko who was born on November 30, 1995 in the diamond town of Oranjemund in the //Kharas Region. Steven then moved to Lüderitz with his parents while only six months old. He started rapping at the age of nine years feeling special as the only rapper among  his peers. “As I realised with time how much I was growing musically, I eventually decided that I want to do this for life and break boundaries by receiving accolades across borders and be an inspiration. I have no specific mentor but I look up to many great men and the main things I have learned from them is persistence, consistency as well as dress code,” states Biko.

His major musical break came in 2017 with his first commercial single featuring Exit Rockaz titled  I just died in your arms tonight from the Cum Laude album. He says that the response of the fans was crazy as the song was playing almost everywhere and they loved his verse.

“Currently I have three singles so far namely, Who’s the man, Elevane and Teleleni. I also released the visuals of Who’s the man – you can find the music video on YouTube,” adds he. 

Being in the music industry has a lot of challenges, thus many artists fail to achieve their dreams as successful musicians. “I am finding the music industry to be harder and more expensive than I thought. Radios only want to play quality songs and quality songs cost money.  Getting shows is also hard, people hardly respect the efforts of upcoming artists.” 

Steven is about to release an 18-track album featuring Sunny Boy,  Rash Sheehama, Vikta Juice Boy, Nicx Genesis and  King Vic at the end of  next month in Lüderitz.  He can be booked for events through his manager, January Ivula. “I strive to be one of the greatest entertainers on the earth not just Africa,” says the outspoken musician. 

Currently he is on a school scouting tour with Exit Rockaz, visiting schools in  northern Namibia, getting himself ready for his CD launch that will take place by end February in Lüderitz  in the Benguela Community Hall.  “I believe I am one of the greatest artists, it is just for the world to see now. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Yorhinuz King Biko.  Watch my music videos on YouTube. Follow me on Exit Rockaz school tour. I am open to performing anywhere when available. May the patriotic citizens of the republic appreciate art,” Biko says.

His manager, Ivula, explains that his album is dedicated to the people of Lüderitz. “As the manager of Biko, I can tell you the young boy is talented and will represent Namibia internationally,” Ivula believes. 

2019-01-23  Tuulikki Abraham

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