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Stiff fine or jail for public defecation

2022-08-17  Festus Hamalwa

Stiff fine or jail for public defecation

In an attempt to encourage residents to adopt good hygiene standards and keep urban areas clean, the Oshana police will issue stiff fines for public defecators.

The region’s police spokesperson, Thomas Aiyambo, said officers will give a minimum fine of N$1 000 or 12 months imprisonment to people who relieve themselves in public.

He stated the police have noticed that the residents in the region tend to relieve themselves anywhere whenever nature calls – even at places that are close to the main roads.

Aiyambo said the purpose of this punishment is to discourage residents from indulging in activities, to maintain good hygiene and to show a good example to fellow residents and visitors alike.

 “Anyone who is going to be found will be an example to others,” said Aiyambo.

According to him, it is not just vital to have a well-developed town but it must be clean too.

Aiyambo told New Era it is not a good picture to have residents relieving themselves anywhere.

“Some residents like to relieve themselves in the areas where they can be seen by everyone and later, they might be exposed on social media. Therefore, this shows they don’t respect themselves,” said Aiyambo. 

He also said some of the residents relieve themselves near places that sell food, which can lead to possible disease outbreaks.

“Some people are seen relieving themselves in front of minor children, which is not good,” said Aiyambo. 

He urged residents to start using toilets that are closer to their business premises.

“Residents must understand the importance of hygiene and stop relieving themselves everywhere,” he urged.  

Also speaking to New Era, Ongwediva mayor Taarah Shalyefu also said it is not a good picture to have residents relieve themselves everywhere in town.

“The town council has tried to build public toilets but they are no longer in good condition, as the residents vandalised them,” said Shalyefu.

He asked residents to make use of the toilets that can be found at service stations or elsewhere. 

The mayor of Ondangwa, Paavo Amwele, said his council is also facing the challenges of the residents relieving themselves anywhere within the town.

“We have public toilets in our town, but residents don’t like to use them, since they do not keep them clean now, as you can discover some of them relieve themselves behind the toilets,” said Amwele.

Amwele urged the residents of Ondangwa to keep their surroundings clean.


2022-08-17  Festus Hamalwa

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