• May 24th, 2019
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Stray animals, alcoholism concern Outjo mayor

WINDHOEK - Outjo mayor Samuel !Oe-Amseb is troubled by free roaming animals at the town and that some residents have put up kraals in residential areas.

The mayor also lamented the rampant abuse of alcohol among residents, including children.
!Oe-Amseb said he is cognisant of the severe drought experienced  in the region but this did not mean that existing by-laws to control free movements of animals in town were no longer enforceable. 

!Oe-Amseb said the free movement of animals in town poses a risk to the residents in terms of health, safety, property  vandalism and accidents. 

“In some of the streets there are kraals in residential areas. I don’t know how a reasonable person can farm in town, a residential suburb,” stated the mayor during the first ordinary council opening for the year last week.
The mayor told municipal officials to ensure that the by-laws are used to control the unguided movement of animals in town irrespective of who the owner is. 

“Our reluctance to use by-laws in controlling of animals have opened room for residents to freely farm in the town at their houses. This should come to end before lives are lost,” remarked !Oe-Amseb.
In addition, the mayor noted that abuse of illegal substances and alcohol is on the increase at the town, particularly among youth and school-going children. 

“I appeal to the community and parents to report those trading with illegal substances within our town. Equally, am I appealing to parents to take control of their children’s movements and misuse of illegal substances,” stated the mayor.


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2019-02-26 09:37:37 2 months ago

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