• September 26th, 2020

Strictly keep it business, don’t trust anyone - Jossy Joss

Prominent radio head Jossy Joss, professionally known as Joseph Ailonga, told Entertainment Now! whenever one is joining any industry, it is important to venture into the agreement for business purposes and nothing else, further saying trust is earned.

“Make sure you have your contracts in order, and have it checked by a person from a legal field. I have worked at Eagle FM for eight months and didn’t have a contract because I trusted the person I was working for – and my biggest mistake was trusting someone I worked with for a long time,” he expressed.
Ailonga, who spearheaded the official opening of Eagle FM, tendered his resignation with the station after having been with the radio for only eight months, citing disagreements with management. 
“It is difficult to understand the market, and management complained the station was not making money, so we came up with ways to make money; and the packages that were introduced as far as advertising is concerned were not agreed upon,” he said.

Jossy was given the option of walking away and he felt compelled to do that, as he did not want to worsen things. “I don’t want to spoil someone’s business and I was told if I am not in agreement with the packages, I was free to walk, so I decided to walk away,” said Jossy.

He did say he has a couple of plans to venture into but he is not bidding farewell to radio just yet. “This is not the end of my radio career; I am going to be busy with other things,” he said.

Having been in the media spectrum for more than two decades, Jossy was the station manager at Radio Energy, where he served for 15 years before joining the Eagle FM team, owned by businessman John Walenga.

In a post on his official Facebook account, Jossy highlighted some unfair treatment regarding the withholding of his February salary, and the case is currently at the Labour Commissioner to be solved through arbitration.
“Eagle FM’s owner John Walenga has made this matter personal and is now unlawfully holding onto my February 2020 salary, as well as my leave pay out, which – under the law – is guaranteed to every employee who resigns,” posted Jossy Joss on Facebook.

Contacted for comment to explain why Jossy Joss’ February salary is being withheld, Walenga told Entertainment Now! he cannot comment on the matter, as it is sub judice and that he does not have any comment in general about Ailonga’s post.
The maltreatment of radio presenters in general has been prominent, with many remaining mum about their situations, as they fear victimisation or losing their jobs that may be their only means of survival.– psiririka@nepc.com.na 

Paheja Siririka
2020-03-27 10:50:20 | 5 months ago

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