• August 4th, 2020

Struggle veterans unhappy over treatment

OSHAKATI - War veterans of the liberation struggle have accused government of subjecting them to abject poverty and only recognizing them once they die. 

“This must stop.  When will this thing of not recognising us while we are alive come to an end?” the war veterans wanted to know after marching to the Oshakati veteran’s office.

The group submitted a petition detailing grievances, which they want government to address. 
They marched from the Youth Centre in Oshakati to the veteran’s office. 

They are also demanding cash payouts of N$200 000 instead of government paying service providers for the purpose of setting up projects as part of their benefits. 

“Veterans should receive cash because most of us are getting older, we are facing a lot of life challenges and are frustrated,” said the veterans.

They further demand that they receive monthly uniformed benefits, charging that they are currently receiving varying amounts.

“All veterans who receive monthly benefits should receive a uniformed amount. Unlike now that some receive N$6 000, N$2 200 and N$700.  We want these amounts to be the same,” said the war veterans further.
Amongst other things, the war veterans also call for a separation of war veterans who were in exile and those who remained in the country.

Equally, they also demand that officials entrusted to work with veterans be inducted to work with the veterans, claiming that some of them are rude.

They further demand for full funeral covers, including a casket and gravestone.
Furthermore, the veterans are seeking audience with the Founding Father Sam Nujoma in order to raise their grievances with him, citing that they never sat with him since they returned from exile 29 years ago.  

Nuusita Ashipala
2019-10-30 07:11:58 | 9 months ago

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