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Student bodies ready to serve

2021-01-20  Aletta Shikololo

Student bodies ready to serve
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Representative movements of students in Namibia, the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) and the Student Union of Namibia (SUN) have set the tone for the year and gave the direction of their institutions for 2021.
In chartering the hope for better, the two organisations analysed the challenges faced by students and learners in 2020, re-emphasised the character and reform the organisations.

In a statement, Nanso’s president Simon Taapopi outlined the trials students have been encountering, such as the widening gap of unequal access to education, saying despite such challenges, progress has been made in some critical areas.
“We are ready to serve you even in this year and call upon you to give us no rest until we have fulfilled our responsibilities towards you. You are most significant as we are who we are because of you,” Taapopi ensured students.
This year marks 17 years of the National Students Congress (NSC), which will make a detailed assessment of the progress they have made in their term of office.

“ The congress will also elect a new National Executive Committee that will lead the organisation for the next two years,” he said.
In another statement, SUN’s spokesperson Tyson Hihanguapo mentioned that their leadership has always been engaging and submitting various submissions to NSFAF and finance ministry on the funding of higher education, which nothing has been actioned hitherto.
The union has accused the state institution of lacking leadership, capacity, and ability to effectively manage student funds.
Hihangaupo called for the disbanding of NSFAF as an entity and return it as a directorate to the Ministry of Finance for better regulation and management.

“SUN will have convened a consultative forum with SRCs from institutions of higher learning as part of our fundamental objective to rally students and young people behind the vision of free quality education and economic freedom in our lifetime,” he cited.
SUN champions the call for free quality tertiary and vocational education.
“We have clarified that registration should be free this year for first-year students, senior students funded by NSFAF, private funded students, postgraduates, and students in debts,” the statement read.

2021-01-20  Aletta Shikololo

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