• January 18th, 2020

Student nurses donate towels to maternity ward

RUNDU – The Rundu Intermediate Hospital’s maternity ward was the recipient of 227 towels from final-year nursing students, which will be used by nurses to wrap newborn babies straight after birth before wrapping them in a blanket. This is to maintain a healthy temperature as newborns can lose a lot of heat very quickly.

The towels that will remain the property of the maternity ward were handed to the hospital on Friday by final year nursing students, who are being trained by the health ministry through the Rundu health training centre.

“On behalf of the hospital’s management – it is with great honour that we accept your contribution and support towards the well-being of patients, newborns, and the delivery of health services in Rundu Intermediate Hospital,” said the hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr Joseph Mukerenge.

“I’m sure you have observed the shortcomings and hardships that the hospital and the ministry of health are going through in pursuit of delivering quality health care to patients, so your contribution will definitely help us to achieve the mission and vision of the ministry. We appreciate what you have done for us, your efforts will forever be remembered,” Mukerenge further commended the trainee nurses.

The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr Medson Chibwe, said: “What you have shown today is a sign that you have picked the right profession and we are looking forward to you joining once you graduate. This is a profession for which you need to be caring and dedicated to duty.”

Sakarias Mughongora, a third-year nursing student who spoke on behalf of other students, said after being attached to the maternity ward as nursing interns, where they engaged in practical work, they noted that babies were covered with paper towels after birth unless the mother brought along a blanket or towel, which prompted the group to come up with the idea to source towels for the ward.
“We noticed that babies needed to be kept warm, especially during winter, so we took the initiative to raise money amongst ourselves as students along with our lecturers to buy these towels, which will ensure that babies are kept warm at birth and we are very excited that, what we had as a dream, has finally been realised,” Mughongora  said.

John Muyamba
2018-10-08 09:10:10 | 1 years ago

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